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One for the locals: Beekeeping workshop

For those of you lucky enough to live locally in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Bianca (Flow Team), along with Janene from @lovetogrow, will be holding a ‘Beekeeping 101’ workshop designed for those interested in taking the plunge into backyard beekeeping and looking for information, guidance and support.
The day will be held in the beautiful permaculture gardens at Harvest Newrybar and they’ll be covering:

  • The basic setup of a Flow Hive
  • How to start a hive
  • Bees and their behaviours
  • Maintenance and care for a colony
  • How to grow a pollinator friendly garden to support them and other pollinators

The day will include inspecting a hive so you can all take a look at what they’ll be talking about :slight_smile: exciting!

October 31st Saturday
8:30 am - 12:00 pm
The day is $120
Get your tickets at: https://harvestnewrybar.com.au/event/bees-beekeeping-101/

Bee suits will be made available for you to wear on the day, so you can get up close to the bees :slight_smile: