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Open the box! take the honey! No- OPEN THE BOX!


Continuing the discussion from Assembling the flow hive what went right and a few complications:

I received my Flow Hive 10 days ago and it remains all boxed up- I have been just too anxious to open it but feel inspired by the correspondence on the topic and will certainly watch Ladybee’s video!! I wish I could ask someone locally to help me- we live in Kent UK btw
All the best


Hi Sarah! I was so excited when I received my box that I couldn’t wait to open it. I grabbed my video camera and captured me opening the box. I was so excited, I didn’t even change out of my sweat pants before filming! So, you get to see the down to earth, real me… lol. Maybe if you watch me opening the box first, it will inspire you to tear yours open! I hope so, because the hive is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful ceder smell to it.

go to: http://www.scholarsrusticgarden.com/
I have 2 videos so far: opening the box, and assembling the flow hive. I am working on another post right now. I will discuss my experience using tung oil and share some pics of the process.

LadyBee, Cindy


I’m not sure if you’ve seen the assembly video from Flow, but it’s now available through our website here - http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/flow-hive-assembly-modifications/p/142#a12


Open It. Just the smell of that cedar will kick start the adrenalin rush.
The good part is that you can take your time, there no rush, no pressure, as being in UK you will be unlikely to get bees till spring.
You will have a great time putting together and when finished look at it and say “WOW that is so beautiful, and I did that”

The hardest part of any new venture is to start. Open the box and you are started . There are a lot of videos (two by Flowhive themselves) on Youtube on putting your box together. Down load the video you like the best or understand the best and follow the steps. ie watch a bit stop the vid, do the bit you have watched, start the vid watch another bit, stop the vid do that bit… until it is complete.

I would like to see a pic of your hive when it is done.


So encouraging, Busso- thanks!! I will!


So kind, Ladybee’s- I’m on to the case this weekend for sure!


How did it all go? Any pics for us


Oh no, dear Busso! - I have to admit I’m still looking at the boxes!
Having said that I’ve been a v busy bee this week- 2 long days driving the Foodbank van all over Kent ( one of my vol. jobs), cooking and entertaining (half term for grandchildren), knitting and sewing, playing bridge- etc"
excuses excuses I know!
But I’m going to start on it early next week and there WILL be photographic evidence!
Thanks for the encouragement!


busso is smiling for at least 20 characters long.