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Worth the wait! Unboxing Joy


Well! Wow wow wow. Just got a very special box at my door, not very heavy. Lovely woody smell. Rattled like the best prezzie that you wanted to get as a kid. Opened and packed as only elves could with their tiny hands is a tree origamied into an exquisite bee house. Thank you flow team for doing all the work and sheading all the blood, sweat and tears that has enabled this treasure to come to our family. My girls will be moving into their new home as soon as the frames arive.


Komunitas Perlebahan Indonesia (Indonesian Beekeepers Community)

I was SO excited for you, just from the title!
How wonderful. Ours will soon arrive, and we will get the unpacking magic, too!

Thank you for the lovely photos. ENJOY!!!


That’s wonderful, have fun, are you going to Tung oil it or are you using something else?


Totally jel…can’t wait for mine even though I can’t use it for my bees as we are in winter mode.


OK I will go home and open the box today, mine arrived before xmas but I was in the middle of moving and had boxes everywhere - so I decided to wait until I have time and space to open it and put it together.
Now I can’t wait any longer and will get in there today :slight_smile:


I would definitely unbox it asap that way if there are any issues or missing pieces you can get the resolution started as soon as possible. There haven’t been many problems but there have been a few and that just lets Flow fix it for you before it becomes an emergency.


I like the ‘Flow Founding Supporter 2015’ embossed on the panel, a nice touch for the early believers! I’m eagerly awaiting my delivery in the next couple of weeks.


Nice post! That looks pretty much like what I got exactly about 2 weeks ago.


I was planning on leaving mine in the box until this spring, but figured I’d better open it up to insure all the parts were there and no problems. Only found the viewing window cover had a split in it, but that was easily fixed with some wood glue. Will be at least another month before I actually assemble it.


Depending on what you are going to seal it with, you might want to give yourself a month or two before you install bees.

I had never used tung oil until last year, and on some of my boxes, it took 3-4 weeks to fully dry. Maybe I applied it too thickly, but it is better to have too much time for sealant to cure, than too little… :anguished:



Ive got them in already. Good point about the tongue oil. Its so hot here though it would dry on the paintbrush.


Hi folks,

I just got my boxes. I noticed that the frames for the brood box are foundationless. Do we just go out and but foundations??


You can but foundation, or you can buy it. :smile:

But, you don’t have to. If you use those thin wood strips like the instructions say, the bees will build their own comb. Flow has a whole video on how to use the frames - it is up to you to decide what you want.