Order placed Flow Hive 2 - Uk

Placed my order today for the Flow Hive 2 and also the extra Brood Box, expensive purchase once VAT has been added on + Shipping but having said that I think this will be a great hive


Great choice…Good to hear that you’ve ‘pressed the button’! :wink:


:grinning:yep I pressed it early Christmas present


It will be good fun and the value time you will spend with family and friends in the harvest

You will see

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Once you do your first extraction the price won’t matter at all. Just make sure you leave enough for the bees to overwinter without starving to death.You have made the right choice mate

Thanks Peter bees wont be going in until May 2019, hoping the Flow Hive arrives Dec/Jan I can then get coated with Tung Oil

The time will fly by after the Flow Hives arrives, assembling, oiling, making the frames up. I have made up 150+ plus frames, wired and fitted foundation since June. Maureen says I don’t fuss over her her like I do my bee stuff. Sorry dear, but the bees accept my best efforts.:grinning:
I suffer anxiety and when it hits me Maureen says to make a coffee and go and sit with the bees, she is right, it works. Time flys by and I enjoy just sitting and watching the comings and goings. Great therapy.
Bees are worth more than the money they cost.
Cheers Mark.