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Pest? what is this

here is a video, don’t sure what these are and how do I get rid of them, or do I need to worry about it

Are they a type of ant? It’s a bit hard for me to see clearly. Given how actively they seem to be seeking out the nectar/honey I would be inclined to say you should get rid of them. Have you got some kind of ant trap under your hive? If not, I’d be looking into that.

I run a water trap for ants under my hive. When that runs dry and I get a few ants on the hive I either swat them off or hose them off (I just don’t hose the front of the hive); a little bit of water is no worse than a winter storm.

Others think their ants as well, I have used cinnamon to try to get rid of them That has not. they’re scurrying around almost like a roach they’re not marching in any kind of pattern

Not many people have had good success long term with cinnamon. Try borax or grease?? There are other threads here with more discussion on ant control.

I was think of Borax, have not read about grease, Thank YOU

Thank you again, OK I have read a lot but not sure what I want to do, looking for thoughts

thinking for making a mixture of borax and suger, and spreading it here on the back side of the flow frames away from the bee’s. this is then only place I am seeing them. Don’t see them in the hive at all. Your thoughts?

@Martydallas Check this comment out:


@Martydallas This is another thread that might help you:

Yes, I read this, I don’t see that they are on the ground, can find where they are coming from, just trying to stop them from going into the flow frames

I will try this around the base and on the back side of the flow frames where I am finding them, bees are not back here

Hi Marty, as others have said, it is hard to see what insect they are, because they are so small, but I would agree with ants being the most likely. Vaseline would be the safest option. Although borax would kill them, I would never put it within a hive structure - to much risk of it getting inside the hive and killing bees.

I would also get your hive up onto ant moats, as most ants get into the hive from the stand. Some fly in, but if those are Argentine ants, you need to do this too. Not sure if they have reached Texas - maybe Texas A&M would know if you called to ask? Here is an article about the ants, which are the bain of my beekeeping life:

I would also pull out your slider and check it. They made a nest in mine when it was in the lower slot. :scream:

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I see you are at it again.