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Pitched roof specs?


Hi all, I have purchased a 7 frame kit and am modifying 2 traditional bee boxes to suit the Flow hive kit. I am wanting to construct the pitched roof and cant get the specs. Can someone with a Flow hive please measure their pitched roof for me ie the height in the middle and end.

Kind regards :slight_smile:


Hi Miike,

Be aware that that the Flow hive is shipped as an 8 Frame box with 6 Flow frames. If you have selected the 7-frame option then you will need a 10 frame traditional box. The roof design to fit the current Flow Hive will be too small.
I would suggest you go out and by yourself a 10 frame box and then measure that up to suit.
I have 7 Flow frames and have banged up some rooves to fit. I am happy to give you the measurements but they may not suit the boxes you have in your country.


Thanks Rod, I have already purchased 7 frame langstroth that I am almost finished retro fitting except for the roof and base. I just want a ball park figure, I have spent my money on the 7 frame kit and am trying to save a $ but modifying the boxes. I am in Australia.




Hey Miike,
See the link below for the internal measurements of the 10 frame boxes according to standard Langstroth design.

To calculate the external measurements you can get the timber width from the Alliance website (link below). According to them , it is 21mm. I’ll leave it to you to calculate.


Just make sure you allow a few mm all around to allow coverage over your hive lid… my roof sits over the top of the hive lid as an added layer of insulation.


Thanks Rod, I actually do have that download.

My explanation must just sound super complicated.

I do have a fair idea of how to make it, I just wanted someone with a flow hive to measure the hight if the roof in the middle and the end then I can work out the angle.

As I just want it to look similar to the original flow hive when I make it.

Thanks again :blush:


I think the issue is that as most of us have the 8-frame boxes, the pitch of our roof will be wrong for 10 frame coverage. You want the same angle, not the same height. :blush:

Flow has only started shipping complete 10-frame hives very recently, so I am not sure if anyone has one to give you the measurements. I am not able to get to my hive at the moment, but if you want the measurements of an 8 frame roof, and you are prepared to use TAN, COS, SIN etc functions on your calculator, I will get them for you at the end of next week. :wink:


Thank you Dawn, that would be much appreciated :blush:


Wish you were closer, I’d give you all of my copper covered pitched rooftops.


Those are SO pretty, but so dang heavy, and no use at all for resting an empty box on when inspecting… :blush:



I operate on the K.I.S.S. system :slight_smile:


Thank you Ed, yes its a shame I am not closer :slight_smile:


The ones I have are built correctly in that they have the added plywood inside so they only allow for a 3/8" bee space above the inner cover. If the bees go up there, they don’t build comb.


Sounds like my Brushy Mountain Garden Hive Copper Roof :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And my local supplier.