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Possible counterfeit on ebay?

Hey guys,

I just found this. If it is not your product, the product should be reported to be removed.

I am sure that @Faroe will get the legal eagles onto it. :wink:

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I hope so. I hate counterfeit - you buy it and then youre stuck with something that doesnt work properly

it is counterfeit and it is a game of whack a mole- and the moles are winning.

EBay will take anything for sale and unfortunately there is no law against it except for breach of patent. The junk copies from China showed up in Australia about 6 months after the Flow Hive was released onto the market. So if in doubt don’t buy it on Ebay, you can buy direct from Flow Hive and you know then it is the genuine article. Cheers

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@peter48: i wasnt asking because i wanted to buy it. I believe that the flow hive is an expensive piece of equipment - but there was a lot of development and trail and error, and experience involved that cannot be numbered. for that reason i think the price is fair - and counterfeit shall be reported and removed…

For a product like this - i would always prefer genuine, since product support is a part of the deal. The yt videos, the forum. important part of the product


actually- eBay has a direct policy that bans the sale of counterfeit items on the site (if they didn’t they would be legally liable for counterfeiting themselves)- and that listing is more than a breach of patent- it is also a trademark infringement. eBay has a program called VERO that is intended to protect intellectual property rights- but it is not hugely effective. eBay are less than pro-active when it comes to policing the site. They rely on users of the site dobbing in the listings one by one. As soon as one is removed- ten more pop up. That’s why it is ‘whack a mole’!

I have dobbed in many many fake flow hives on ebay.


Thanks for your support on this everyone, we really appreciate it :slight_smile: