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Problem with a Summer tanager


My new hive is doing great. I installed my package on 4/17/17 and in 2 weeks they have drawn out comb and the queen is actively laying. Then I noticed the Summer tanager perched in a tree above my hive. Frequently he will swoop down and undoubtedly snatch up a bee.

Here he is.

And here is what I found out, read the paragraph carefully:

Holy crap, the tanager eats bees.
And look at this…

The Audubon website states they can become a nuisance around beehives.

I have a young hive with a queen that has just started laying about 9 days ago and now I have a bird (granted a rather beautiful bird) swooping down and eating my bees. I have watched him do it. Do I have anything to worry about?


Not really a problem. My hives are constantly predated by a variety of birds but considering a queen will lay about 2k eggs a day the birds will not make much of a dent.

Enjoy your beautiful bird.



Sure is a pretty little birdie- apparently they like fruit too so perhaps if you put out some fruit it will gorge itself on that and leave the bees to be.

kinda (not really) similar looking to this very cool South American bird I only just discovered:



Best bird video ever :+1: