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Update your contact details


Dear fellow beekeepers,

Please update your contact details (particularly your phone number) at:

And for all open orders at:

failing which you’ll end up with a headache.

I imagine there aren’t many/any who are yet to do this. I was one, though,
and am having a heck of a headache thanks to that!

To the Flow team:

  1. It would be extremely decent if you held orders from shipping
    until a contact number is added by your buyer. But I leave that to
    your discretion. I imagine you’ll have issues with logistics if you do that.
  2. No idea if you sent a notice/mailer/reminder asking us to do this
    but no harm in sending out one again. I don’t think every buyer
    actively uses the forum.
  3. Additionally, if you can add the registered email id along with the
    phone number & address in the shipment, it might help the courier
    contact the buyer in case the phone isn’t available/reachable. You
    may even consider adding the email alone if the buyer hasn’t added a
    phone number despite your reminders. That would solve your potential
    logistics issue too.

Thanks, and hope this feedback will be taken constructively.


Seem’s to me you haven’t put all your details in when buying the flow hive or u have changed your details since you brought. i my self have had no problems with the flow team answering my emails .
an Ranting on the forum will not help you .


The only thing I had to go back and take care of was to add the shipping to my order as I didn’t understand how that worked before the campaign ended. But all my information was in my order details when I went to do that.

Maybe you forgot to add it originally. But in any rate if I were a business owner if someone left out their phone number I would assume they either didn’t have phone service or preferred not to use that as their preferred method of contact and proceed on as normal.

You might check your settings because I have gotten several emails from them asking to look into shipping addresses etc to make sure they are accurate and up to date etc etc. They may have been filtered to your junk mail.


When I first visited the profile page, I recall seeing everything was fine. Everything as in my name, address and items ordered.
No idea about the phone number though. Probably didn’t notice it was missing.

For reasons unknown, BeeInventive’s Australian number was added as my contact number and DHL claims it was unreachable/invalid depending on who I’m talking to. Oh well. So much for them (DHL).

Anyway my point is exactly as both of you state: I did not update my profile info and am having an ongoing headache thanks to that - warehousing charges, inspections, the whole caboodle. And that is precisely why I’m asking others to review & update their info - to ensure they don’t experience this.

Again, Flow Team, no idea if you sent a reminder to everyone but if I were you, I’d send one now to everyone with open orders to review their profile info and ensure every single thing is correct - including the contact phone number.

If someone hasn’t responded by the time the item goes for shipping, please add their registered email id so the courier can contact them that way at least.


I understand your frustration and sincere desire to help others avoid the same trouble. I’m going to check out my profile information right now just to be sure. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Hi @krishvanth, thanks for your feedback, I’m sorry to hear that that it wasn’t all smooth sailing for your order :frowning: .
Good point for everyone, make sure your order details are correct and up to date. https://www.honeyflow.com/cart/login

If anyone is having troubles with their orders best option is to contact our support team from the email form on our website http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3 usually we have a day or so turnaround on support tickets often quicker but some times we have had almost a week turnaround when things have been unexpectedly busy.