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Buying Flow Hive


Hello, can anyone tell me if they charge your credit charge right away, or when they ship? I’m interested in purchasing a flow full super, and the estimated shipping date is February 2016. So don’t want to wait until I get my tax return to order it.


Immediately. Good luck.


Thank you for the response. Do you know if they have an active coupon code available?


Sorry I don’t think we have any coupons on offer at the moment. There was a little discount for the opening week of sales from the website.


That’s unfortunate, I would really like to reserve one but not at the expense of almost $800 in which I won’t see a product for almost 7 months. I wish they would charge when they ship :frowning:


Hi, earlier in the year I was planning to purchase the flow hive lite with only three frames, however this option is not available anymore? :disappointed: I’m not sure that i can afford the full hive, however I really love your product, will the option be coming back?
Thanks :grinning:


Hi Audry,

The 3 frame option is still available! Go to Purchase Flow Frames and select the 3 frame option. Currently it says shipping in March.


Thanks! But I still want the full hive, just with three frames. I can’t find an option for both…


There was never an option for a full hive with 3 flow frames. The Full Flow has 6 flow frames. You could use three and fill on the sides with standard frames. I am not sure why you would? I suspect you could very easily sell the other 3 if you really did not want them.


Hi, I was thinking about this and now I am wondering if you mean the flow super with three frames? That would be the three flow frames and a kit for one super. That can be found here; http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-super/p/132

Is this what you are wanting?


Not quite, as I don’t yet own a beehive. But thanks so much for your help!


The main reason that it is necessary for us to withdraw funds at the time of purchase to enable us to secure your order and next available estimated delivery date.

Our current shipping estimate for new orders is March 2016 as we have sold out of our September November, December and now February deliveries. Unfortunately we cannot make our next available shipping estimate date any earlier. We want to make sure that we are able to deliver a great product and do not want to cut any production corners.

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