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Hi ,
Can we get a proper search box in place of that magnifying glass please. A visible box to type in with the words “search a topic” or something similar. I don’t think people are connecting with the Sherlock Holmes paraphernalia. Thanks.


Seriously Busso do you really think this will help??? I’m involved in a few forums and it’s always the same, it’s easier to ask a question than to search. Besides I think it’s a good oportunity for others to get involved and help out the newcomers to the forum.
I’m guilty of it myself truth be told. :wink:
A commonly asked questions sections area would be a good idea so guidance could be easily directed to by links.
Besides, apparently there are no stupid questions…


Thing is, questions or key words will work a charm. What’s the problem?

When forum users join they are sent a nice welcome letter with instructions on how to search, etc.

Which they pore over and read incredibly conscientiously, before hitting [Delete]… :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp:


Exactly :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yes[quote=“skeggley, post:2, topic:11671”]
there are no stupid questions.

Your taking the mickey but thats OK.:slightly_smiling_face:

What I am trying to get across is that a first time a question is asked it gets attention by many.
Second time this is asked there are less replys.
Third time asked maybe 3 at most replys.
Fourth and more times asked only @Dawn_SD and @Gerald_Nickel reply.
So OP to a question asked previously has a far bigger and diverse range of answers to that question by reading previous answers.
“my roof leaks” and “bees are not filling my flow frames” are two good examples

And that doesn’t seem to work does it? Maybe they just don’t recognize the search thingy.
Web pages get reworked from time to time and I am asking that when it does, we get a search box at that time, not a weird circle with a tail.


Thank you for your suggestion Wilfred. I will see if it is possible to add a search bar instead of a symbol.

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I am waiting to hear whether the search bar is possible. In the meantime, I have edited this post, with a picture of the search function and made it a banner so all new users / logins will see it.

Hopefully it will help people to see it and read it a bit more.