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Shipment Returned to Warehouse


Has anyone else had their shipment returned to the warehouse because DHL for some reason couldn’t find your house?

I ordered the “Flow Light” at the early bird time/price, with expected delivery for September 2015. September came and went, and there was no sign of my order. I emailed customer service on October 16, and within two days received an email back stating that the shipment had been returned to the warehouse, and could I please confirm my shipping address and phone number. I have had no change in address and packages are regularly delivered to my home (UPS, FedEx, Purolator), so I don’t understand why DHL was not able to make the delivery.

On October 19, the customer service rep assured me that the order will be resent as soon as possible.

I emailed again on October 29 looking for an update, and have received no response since. I came to the forum to see if anyone else was having shipping/delivery issues, and saw that people can login and check their order status. I’ve done so, and see Order Status: Paid, Not Shipped, as well as a note about the item being returned…no dates are listed with the note about the return to warehouse.

Is there anyone else who was supposed to have their order for September 2015 that’s still waiting? I understand that this is a startup company, however I am just a little bit miffed at the lack of response from customer service given that they’ve responded so quickly in the past.


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Whoops - that’d be important info, wouldn’t it? I’m in Canada.


The best bet is to contact support, they should be able to follow up with DHL. I see there are people looking into the issue.


shipping with DHL is the easy way out for the manufacturer, they dropoff at DHL and it is up to the customer to pay the import duties. While many customers will probably be unpleasantly surprised at the hight of the additional costs, there are at least rules in Western countries. Where I live, customs duties can be over 100%, depending on the wims of the customs people. DHL here is known for being not interested in stating the costs upfront. This is the case in most developing countries where 80% of the worlds population is living. There are, however, shipping companies quoting costs all-in. With these companies at least there are no surprises. So, I was forced to have the 2 Flows delivered to an Aussie address who will forward or to me again via a reliable shipper who quotes me an all-in cost. I assume i therefore pay VAT twice, but that is still better than getting a nasty surprise from DHL afterwards.
As the interest of the Flows is worldwide, my suggestion to Flow would be to link up with an organisation which can deliver the hives at a predetermined all-in price. For sure, 99% of the beeks in my country can not manage to follow my patch, can not afford the DHL custom charges and these beeks will wait until sometime a knockoff appears on Alibaba. Better to anticipate this and offer a reasonable alternatieve, i think.


We are working on the best way to help reduce extra fees/ duties, including sending shipping containers to Europe. We did a lot of shopping around and negotiating to get the best price on shipping to make it affordable as possible for our customers. The fees and duties that have been charged are out of our control, as each country has their own charges, totally separate from the shipping charges. On our indigogo campaign we clearly stated that we weren’t responsible for individual countries taxes and import duties.



DHL did the same thing to me, due to unpaid duties, and as such, actually lost the package after putting a “hold” on it.

Once I paid the duties/taxes ($74.67 in Canada) they informed me they couldn’t find the package (Flow Frames).

I contacted Flow support and they were very good about it, and took care of the issue right away.

Flow support sent me a new package via a different shipper and it will be here next week based on tracking.

Now I have to get DHL to refund my duties/taxes that I paid on an undelivered shipment.

DHL are a different shipper, even the shipments I receive from the UK get messed up.

In any event, Flow support will come through. :smiley:


Just wanted to post that I have now received my frames!