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How Do I Find the Status of Delivery?


Okay, I have been all over the Flow Forums and cannot find any links to tell me the status of my deilvery. I know there might be a delay and I’m okay that considering the time of the year for shipping but apparently there is no way to find out just where and when my frames will be delivered.

Also, who will deliver to me? DHL doesn’t come to my neck of the woods. They did one time but for some reason decided we were too far out in the boondocks for them to figure it was profitable enough for them to deliver my area. Will the hand it off to UPS or FEDEX? I have been concerned about that ever since I first learned it was DHL.


Hi Tony, We are sending all order related inquiries to our support crew. That way it keeps everything in one place. I see your order is marked as in transit so hopefully it shouldn’t be long. If you have more questions please contact support via email. http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3


Jake, Right after you wrote this, I got an email from flow stating my item was being shipped and I would be given a tracking number. So far, now, close to 3 weeks since I got the email I’ve not recieved any tracking number or other emails. Anthing or anyone I can contact directly to see where it is or what the hold up is in providing adequate info?


Hi Tony,
The December orders have been huge something like 25,000 orders. Logistics for this look like a nightmare to me, glad it isn’t my job :slightly_smiling: It looks like everything is going well but it takes time to get all these orders out, plus with Christmas and new year it slows things down a little more.
Sit tight it should be being processed. Thanks for your patience.


I was sort of curious myself when I might see my delivery. I was told December 2015. Its winter, so its not critical that they get here tomorrow, but I would like to get an idea as I’ll have to order some nucs.


This is really getting to be a joke. I got an email from Flow on December 19, saying my frames would be shipped and I would receive a tracking number in 72 hours. However; for the past month my status shows product is queued. Why? And Where are my frames? This is getting to be ridiculous making people wait without explanations given at all.