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Shipped to wrong address and unable to connect to customer service


I have purchased two full hives, scheduled shipping dates were different. I logged in and changed the shipping address for the second hive to send it to my Dad. Unfortunately, the second hive was not re-directed and shipped to me. I contacted ‘customer service’ via the web form and have never received a response. Now they are shipping the second box to the same wrong address. I’m not sure what to do here but hope someone from FLOW reads this and can help me with this issue. I have read everything I can find and done everything suggested and nothing has worked. It will be quite expensive to re-ship the hive boxes to the correct address now.


I’m sorry to hear this.
I have looked up your details and can see no history of you changing your address by logging in - this is all logged electronically.
I have also looked up your email address on our email system and can see no email from you.

Did you email from another email address?

Can you please PM me your correct shipping address/s - and also the email address you may have used to email us so I can try and find out what happened.


Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, the fact you can not find ANY of the three times I have attempted to contact Flow thru the web site is more infuriating then the shipping problem. First I changed the address. When the hive arrived at the wrong address I then sent a email regarding this issue and wanting to be sure the second box was at least sent to the correct address. To which I received no response. I made the third contact on March 17th. Now I have received a noticed that Flow is shipping the second box to the wrong address.
I’m not sure what the problem is but clearly it is within your website. Suggest adding some type of auto response to the contact page and tell folks that if the auto response is not received then to try again. Please note that I’m not angry, just frustrated and would like to have the problem addressed. Thank you for checking in to this.
Please tell me how to PM you.


PM can be sent from your own profile or from the profile of the person you are trying to message. Open the profile and look for the mail symbol


Interesting, I had a similar experience. I changed my address on the web before mine was sipped yet it still shipped to the wrong address…wondering if the shipping labels are printed too far in advance of the actual shipment? Anyway once I realized it was going to the wrong city and state I contacted customer service to have it redirected and received no response…I also contacted them a second time and received no response. Then after checking the FED EX tracking it seems an exception was made and the shipment was delivered to the old PO box and the US postal service is now redirecting it. Sent a third e-mail…no response. I sent the e-mails through this site’s contact. My concern is will the postal service now charge me a delivery fee for redirecting a PKG? If so, will FLOW reimburse me for that fee since it was their error?


PS…it ws scheduled to be delivered today but since it went wrong and has been redirected I have no way of knowing when or if it will arrive.


Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. It’s one thing to have the problem but another to try to resolve it and not receive any response from FLOW customer service. Sending the email is the only means of contact and there is no way to verify they have received the email.
The good news is they seem to be addressing my problem now. Fingers crossed it will be resolved soon.


Faroe…this is my last resort…I have contacted customer service 3 times alerting them that my hive was shipped to the wrong address. To date I have received NO response from anyone. Can you help me?


To date still no response and I have no idea if my hive is on the way to me or back to them. Still expecting it to arrive with a huge postal fee for forwarding it due to their error…frankly I am sick of this whole mess!


I’m sorry your order has shipped to the wrong address.

I am emailing you now to re-ship your order to the correct address.


Hi Faroe, I hope you saw my email today…it appears my hive is in shipping limbo…please help me get resolution before my bees arrive homeless.


I see your email from 7 days ago. It is in the appropriate area - where the team who work with shipped order issues can help you.

I will re-open the ticket and note that you are enquiring about your delivery.