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Short video: Harvesting Flow Frames in France

Hello everyone,

We are in the middle of France, and this is our first-time flow frames harvest.
I made a short informative video about that. It is in English, this time:



Very nice video - ingenious collecting system.

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Merveilleuse vidéo, bien faite!

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Excellent excellent video great communication narration and explanation of how it is done very nice I like

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Fantastic video!! Love the music & narration, your lovely garden & your square container & netting system. I believe I spotted the shadow of your drone - not the bee kind, the camera kind :helicopter::smile:

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Great video, well done!

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Thanks a lot for all the compliments and likes! :slight_smile:

Great video :slight_smile:

I love your clear explanation through the whole video from setup to harvest :slight_smile:

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