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Show a pic of your setup

There’s some very nice set ups in this post. I would like to add mine. I have put the flow hive together and made a good solid stand for it. Its ready now for spring bees. I also need a place for it as my back yard has the maximum number of hives allowed.


I have been inspired by everyone on here. Also really enjoy making my be yard a very special place. I’ve read many times that watching an aquarium, one can see someone’s heart rate lower. I believe that’s also the case here with watching the bees come and go. So making this little sanctuary as well as helping maintain a good environment. Thank you for all the postings of everything that’s been done here are a few photos of my set up and progress.

The grapevine in the background I planted last spring, it has done amazingly well. Supports on the side of the house just could not supported any longer so I built an archway Arbor/trellis. Really dressing up the space

And then after getting stung Sunday trimming and mowing around the hive I started looking online at your photos again that everyone is posted and decided to put down some gravel. I put down some base material 1st that slightly porous that will allow water to pass through and in gravel on top with edging

The single box is also me getting ready to place a swarm my mentor found, a couple weeks ago we placed it in a NUC with rubber bands. Did I’ve inspection a few days ago of it and they’ve attached it to the frame now wanting them to get a little bit more settled before moving it to its new location.


What kind of grapes are you growing Marty? I miss the Concord grapes that my grandparents used to grow at their place.

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LOL, a plant that was on sale at Calloways, LOL sorry, I liked the idea and $5 and needed something on this side of the house. Was not expecting it to do as well as it is doing. I LOVE IT.


Well, a nice bonus for you - and your trellis is lovely :wink:

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Thank you very much, the grapevine is actually quite a bit bigger than it appears. There’s a lot of growth on the other side. It still recovering from me moving it around. Certainly can’t wait to get more plantings in the area. Likely going to get a bench to put back there as well instead of me sitting in a lawn chair.

The trellis/archway works well with the design of the house, this is the 3rd one I’ve built like this. The other 2 frame each side of the pool one going to the pool equipment and the other going to the grill.

The 1st trellis which was about half the size of this one took me all day, this one took about 3 hours. Practice may not make perfect but practice does increase speed :slight_smile:


We made a heavy-duty fencing for hopeful bear-proof. Approaching Fall … We’ll see. Had a mamma with 3 cubs on our front porch a month ago. They’ve gone after my bird feeders - mainly the suet, so took that down now for awhile. They’ve not bothered our chickens in several years and not gotten into my compost yet.


Here is an update of my setup. Only one active hive at the moment, but swarm season is approaching, so hopefully will have girls in the smaller hive soon!

I’ve been experimenting with different timbers to go with the Flow western red cedar and loving the results.


Very nice. What are the different woods?

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Hey Dawn, the white and red box is Japanese maple, the one below that is Redwood, the dark red/brown one is kwila hard wood (left over flooring from the verandah- you can see the join), the feeder is pine and the roofs are a combo of most of that plus a beautiful nz native called Rimu, which is not usually used outside but I love it and have protected it well (that’s the front panel with the fish carved into it). Paul


Very lovely, thank you for sharing. :heart_eyes:


Ok, I’m now interested in this setup. Too many ants in my area.
Who did you purchase this from or is your fabricator?
How are the upper part of the tubes connected to lower frame box? (We have earthquakes)
Are the inner disks welded to the inside of the upper pipe?
I’m sure I have other questions…but great full for any reply. Thank you!

You can make a simple ant moat too. I will post complete instructions on another thread, but here are the materials and the end result:

We have nasty ants and earthquakes in California too, and these moats are very sturdy. Fill the moat up to the edge of the jar lid with mineral oil. To clean it out, use a pipette or turkey baster to suck out the old oil through the hole. If it is really dirty, take it out and unscrew the CD and jar from the lid and base, then you can easily wipe it clean and refill.


Reminds me of a little diorama :heart_eyes:

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Hello from sunny Qld - so I officially became a beek today. Just finished installing my very first nucleus hive into the brood box. Can hardly believe it after all the time spent reading and dreaming and prepping. Amazing…

Just thought I’d share a pic of my set up. Worried ants will be a problem. Will be watching closely. Have set stands at 50cm because of cane toads…


For ant control I have a small jar with a crumpled bit of paper towel (cotton balls work too) and borax-laced sugar water, topped with foil with some tiny holes so ants get in but not bees (used a fork). The towel makes a place for more ants to congregate and then die on. Those who make it out supposedly bring the poisoned syrup back to their nest :skull: Simple & effective

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Thanks Eva :slight_smile: I was thinking something like that would be the way to go too. Saw a post from Michael Bush who uses jelly/borax/water (american jelly that is - jam without fruit) in a jar - like the addition of cotton balls though great and use of foil until I can find some good sized mesh. Rae

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I made some ant moats which go under the hive and look like this:

Very simple to make - takes about 15 minutes, and they are very sturdy. I will try to get a picture of them under the hive too. You have also reminded me that I need to post the instructions on how to put them together. I will try to do that this weekend. :blush:

@Dawn_SD Your ant moats are a fancy version of what I’ve done under one of my top bar hives. I used tuna tins, olive oil and a bits of poly pipe slightly taller than the tin. Sturdy - tick. Cleaning and refilling - hmm, not sure…

@Sting I’m liking the fish thingos on your roof! Very nice.


Jaydub, interested to know what plans you’re using for your top bar hives in the background? The side angles look very vertical, do you have issues with bees building comb against the side in these hives?

Very nice looking set ups!