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Just got my new Classic Flow Hive, where do I get the bees?

Hello, I just received my new Flow Hive and would like to buy local bees. I am in Marysville, Ohio is anyone aware of any local sellers? Also this is all new to me so trying to find as much information as possible. Not even sure what questions to ask? This forum is great and I am trying to read as much as I can.


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I would 1st start with asking this fella here. Your local honeybee club will have input as well. I would try to order it now, you may be a little late to get it in early spring.

Just as a note because it’s come up many times and you may already know this, your flow frames will not go on your hive at 1st. You will only place the bottom brood box with your new B’s in the bottom box. It will take a month or so before their busting at the seams in your place the flow frames on top of that.

And depending on your area, and check with your other local beekeepers but many people in the US like myself run to brood boxes underneath the flow frames.

Ohio = cold. I would wait until 3, eight frame deep brood boxes are full of bees/brood/food, before adding the flow frames box.


Have you tried Waldo Apiary on Rt 229 just east of 23? I’m in Richwood, just up the road, considering taking up the hobby this spring, along with a friend. I’d be interested in talking to you about getting started.