The Honey Shack

Flow hive module
. Unfortunatly I am selling due to my father passing away due to cancer.

The module and trailer are only 18 months old., this is 5 mtr long and holds 38 hives.

The module is raised off the trailer using 4 x 7000 lb jacks., the trailer is taken away , the module then lowered on to adjustable legs…

It is well ventilated and insulated. Camouflaged and Vermin proof.

I designed and built this because of these benefits.

  • No nead for extracting shed or equipment - The honey is milked directly from the hive.

  • Saving on travel costs and time

  • By only having to register one trailer, to transport multiple modules .

  • Bees are less stressed when opened up on a windy or cold day.

  • Honey can be taken off when it’s raining.

  • The beekeeper is working a way from the guards at the entrance , and not in there flight path.

The honey shack , and the 5 metre tandem aluminium /galvanized trailer. $24,000 ONO

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More photos of the “honey shack”.



I’m sorry about you’re father:

Does it float because I would take that in a NY minute but I’m in the USA :frowning:

Sorry to hear about your father too.

This is an an amazing trailer- your father clearly had good ideas. I have been thinking along the same lines for migratory beekeeping and pollination services: Crossing a Slovenian bee house with Flow Hives. Seems like more fun than dropping off hives onto pallets… Just drive up- unload the trailer and drive away! There are plenty of Almond growers who would pay a pretty penny to have this trailer parked at their orchards in a month or so from now in South Australia. And in Western Australia you could collect a pretty mighty Karri tree flow… I’d buy it too if i had the money. Good luck with the sale.

Sorry to hear of your loss. Good luck with the sale. Just for clarity sake this already set up with working hives and bee products wouldn’t be allowed into WA due to biosecurity issues.


hi Adam,
Actually most of the hives have been sold so it’s selling without hives now

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Hi Semaphore,
It is a great little set up especially if you have thieves about. Unfortunately my Dad didn’t get to experience a full season with it due to his cancer, unfortunately we didn’t take on his skills or listen being a family of three girls it’s a pity flow hive wasn’t invented years before else I may have listen and been keen to take this on lol.

Hi Nicole I have been trying to email you.