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To get much knowledge?

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie there and I’m interested in this forum a lot. How can I get much knowledge as you guys? :D. Hope to get more knowledge from you all!

Hi William, sift through all the posts, there’s a wealth of information buried in here.

Welcome @Williamhdc,
Bear (or bare) in mind majority of members of this forum are new or have less than two years experience.
Some are professional beekeepers and as their lively hood depends on their knowledge, they know what they are talking about. You will in time get to know them.
Me I have been a bee man for about 18 months.


  1. get a mentor (a close by beekeeper who is willing to guide you.)
  2. read every book you can lay your hands on. (Library a good place).
  3. browse though the post to this forum. There are thousands but you can pick topics.
  4. any questions you have put into the search box (the magnifying thingy) top right of this page)
    and you will find many varied answers.
  5. still can’t find an answer, post your question in a category.

Agree with @busso
An experienced beekeeper as a mentor is invaluable.
Learn how bees work, the life cycle and what makes them tick. Then you will know why and when bees do things. It will save you wondering why your bees just swarmed for example. That’s a common question here.