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Trade your unused honey


Hi everyone,

Does your hive produce more honey than you know what to do with it? Do you find yourself giving it away to friends and family? Well, you’re not alone.

I’m working on a simple website that would make it easy for hive owners to list their unused honey stocks to give away to locavore honey lovers. This would help save unused honey from being wasted, and allow foodies to taste hyperlocal honey from all over their city, state or country.

Would anyone be interested to take part, either as a surplus honey provider or consumer? How many a month do you think you would want to supply/consume?



Would you also be providing advice/comment on quarantine restrictions? (I.e. no honey can be brought into WA or Tas afaik)

It’s an interesting concept. I’d consider it but am unconvinced if I’d actually use it. Honey stores really well so it never goes to waste. Mind you, I’ve normally got more people interested than honey…


Welcome to the forum Alex. It has a heap of interesting reading and members able to give good accurate advise.
Since the diluted commercial honey has been exposed for the fraud it is my honey sales has increased and my number of hives doubled and still sell all my bees produce, I have no need to chase customers and use word of mouth advertising.
An efficient bee keeper never has honey go to waste, it doesn’t have a ‘use by’ date.
You don’t say in what part of Australia you are at unfortunately, but I assume you are in the know about what parts of Australia you legally can’t move honey to from another area.
I think GumTree has beaten you to the idea but we very careful of the legalities.



Hmm :thinking:! Since you leave no hive information or data or help in your intro I’m
guessing your not much help here to the point of this forum.

Most of us have more than enough people n places to give our overflow. The real point of this Flow-Hive forum is to help other Beekeepers success n care for their Apiary. Thank you for you note !




I have the opposite. :disappointed_relieved: I seem to give away so much to family and friends I have to budget what is left.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My second hive should produce this year to help out with this problem.


That’s a great point, quarantine requirements/restrictions would need to be factored in. Thanks for highlighting this SH.


Not the friendliest of forum welcomes…

The idea is that since honey is inherently local (exhibiting a distinct flavour profile of the surrounding environment) why not make it possible to more easily access and appreciate the taste of honey from many different regions in the same way we do with wine or coffee. Personally, I’d love to enjoy the nuances of the different floral notes and seasonal variances. Seems most consumers just think honey is honey unless it’s Manuka!

The target users are most likely to be like those I’ve spoken to that have a single hive as a hobby, typically in their backyard, and find they have litres and litres of honey that have no where to go to.


I didn’t think that @Gerald_Nickel was unfriendly. He made some good points. I don’t think anyone on this forum has any honey to waste. So there’s no point in trying to save honey from being wasted. I also looked at your profile to discover you don’t own any hives.


Thanks Jeff. Hobbyists I’ve spoken to do have this problem. Appreciate that this will not be the case for all.


I think its a nice idea Alex, there are already a number of sites where people can sell or trade their produce, so you might like to check out all the competition first. Start with the Honey Map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1HNu51syTzMm7LvvucsDbWliNwZU&ll=-25.873708463077403%2C132.57887931415564&z=4)




Just to name a few. Additionally, many beekeeping clubs will buy spare honey from their members and resell it to the public as a method of fundraising which is extremely popular with beekeepers and a way to help pay for all the equipment and hard work. I think sharing your honey for free de-values the product so I would offer a trade or offer of purchase only.

I do understand the lure of trying other honey’s from different parts of the country, I recently bought 15kg of citrus honey from a beekeeper in the riverina, he was so appreciative that I paid a fair price that it was delivered for free…

Not trying to put you off, but you could start with a local Facebook Group and grow from there.


Thanks so much Rod. Will look into the existing services you mentioned to see if there is a need for another option.


Hi Alex,
Looks like a good idea. A nice place to trade honey from local producers. A good place for small honey producers to sell their honey if they don’t have their own website. I think by “give away” you may mean sell?
It looks like you may not be a honey producer, but a website developer/maker, and have an idea for a business.
Rodderick has provided some nice examples that I did not know about, but you never know, if you have a good idea, and good intentions, your idea may take off :slight_smile:

This Community Forum is about beekeeping education, but we also have the areas for selling your wares. So, it’s okay to bounce an idea out there, but not advertise all over the place.
Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy researching into beekeeping :honeybee:


Thanks Faroe, appreciate your support. Spot on, was just testing the concept that I thought might add value to hobbyist bee keepers and honey lovers based on prior conversations with the same. Do you have an idea of how many hobbyists there are in Australia using Flow hives?


No, I don’t have the figures sorry.