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Who wants to trade Raw Honey?


Does anyone in Australia or maybe Hawaii have some honey they would like to do some trading with. I would like to get a gallon of raw honey of a variety we don’t have in the States and I have in trade some very delicious Golden Rod or Field Clover.


Hi tony - sadly your Aussies would not be able to swap with you - due to strong quarantine laws (created to protect us from bee diseases that we don’t have here yet) we don’t accept honey products into Australia.


Hi Tony, As Taryn says we aren’t permitted to import honey but perhaps there are other things you could trade for honey. My very first hive is one week old today and my flow frames aren’t due until December.


So let me see if I got this straight? You can’t receive honey from out of country, but you can ship honey out to other places. Correct?


That’s pretty much how Aussie land works. Things organic are very controlled coming in. Quarantine for animals, all sorts of stuff like leathergoods.


Hi @tony Tony, I tried to send some honey to the US once (a gift). First of all, it was going to cost a fortune to post it there plus it was prohibited to go into the US. So that put a stop to that. I think a lot of honey that is packaged by a licensed packager can be sent to a lot of places where honey from a hobbyist could be prohibited.


Well maybe its just in Oz. At any ratre I have sent honey to Japan on several ocassions, and once to Hawaii, but they’re US. Maybe it’s the way it’s packaged too. Dont know guess I won’t worry about, was just a thought because I wanted to try some of that honey that is like jello.


@tony Australian customs laws are tight to stop pests and diseases getting into the country - we can’t even take fruit grown in Northern QLD to south of the state to stop pests spreading. In NSW you can’t take fruit over the border in to Victoria because of fruit fly.

The customs are there to stop the spread or introduction of pests and diseases. A plane coming to Australia will be sprayed in flight before reaching Australian Air space.

It is the first line of defence to prevent the importation of possible problems for which there are no natural “cure” or protection against spreading such problems.


Yes and it seems to work well. It’s a pity we in the UK aren’t as choosy.


Not entirely true.

Walk into any Indian Grocer ( in WA anyways ) and you’ll find honey from India.

I don’t know how that works.


Can you get some Manuka honey? Apparently that’s pretty “jelly” like if you get the strong stuff.


Re: indian honey:
If I had to guess, I’d say they have probably treated it (eg irradiated it).


does Hawaii have Manuka honey? My son lives there. perhaps if they have it I can get him to ship me a jug. It would be cheaper anyway as it would ship on local postal rates instead of international.


If Hawaii has Manuka trees/bushes then I would assume they do. Though Hawaii tends to be very strict about what gets on the island, unless they got there when people were less restrictive I’d think probably not.