UK Flow keepers

How many UK flow users do we have. Let’s get to know each other so we can share knowledge on the use of Flow hives within the UK climate.

I’m in Surrey, first time keeper. Looking to get up to speed over the coming year before the hive arrives.

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Hey Jugular, we’re in Berkshire, also first time beekeepers. Would like to know how many hives are being sent to the UK.

Hi…I am getting a flow hive too. I’m near Cardiff. I am sure there will be lots of questions when we get them!

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Solihull here. Our local association is Warwickshire. First time newBee as well

Mark from Shropshire. First time keeping bees myself, though I do have some experience around bees as my father kept bees while I was growing up.
Will be joining one of the local beekeeping societies, as I am sure there is much to learn about keeping a healthy hive in the relatively cold and damp environment of the Shropshire Hills (we’re 250m above sea level).
Would be interested to know if others have found UK sources of the 8-frame Langstroth boxes that the Flow Hive seems to be built around. They seem a lot more common on the other side of the Atlantic than here.

Hey folks, I’m up in Cheshire. I’m planning on joining the Manchester club and doing one of their weekend courses before setting my hive up.

I am quite keen on not killing my bees so want to get a good pile of knowledge gathered before embarking on this adventure

I think it is a good idea to get a langstoth hive going. I use British Standard Brood Frames and 14x12 frame long hives. I am starting to think about preparation. I don’t know when I will get the Flowhive…so a bit difficult to plan but if I get a langstoth up and running…I might be on 2 brood boxes by the time it arrives…then will be set for a good summer…fingers crossed.
Some of the forums have been less than enthusiastic in their welcome to the Flowhive…so I won’t be advertising that I have one until I have used it for a while. This forum will be very helpful as a place to ask questions and get help. So we can all contribute and get to know each other …

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The British are loath to change anything. As an Aussie in Britain I have had my battles. The fact that driving is still in Miles and beer is sold by the pint is a small part of their unwillingness to adopt new ideas. Darwin really had his work cut out for him.

I can only hope there are bee keepers out there willing to look at us newBees as welcome additions rather than a threat to their close knit community.

Please any older bee keepers out there… we just want to do what you do, we want to learn, we seek your talents and experience.

The more bees there are the more will will be contributing to world food. Just give us a chance


Hi Jugular we’re from Cornwall and also new to beekeeping. We will be getting our flow hive in December which will give us time to learn as much as we can before next spring. We have been planting our garden for pollinators for a couple of years now and the flow hive has encouraged us to take the next step but understand there’s much to learn to keep healthy happy bees. Really looking forward to it.

Hi Jugular, I’m up in County Durham and a newbie too. Looks like the Darlington Beekeeping society is going to be my closest.

Hi, I’m in NE Essex and newbie too. I’m looking to get some knowledge before the hive arrives. Flow hive just kicked me into doing something I’ve wanted to do for years. My motivation isn’t the honey but just to provide support to -and discover more about- a creature that has given me so much pleasure in my garden over the years.

Hi fellow UK flow-hivers,
Add me to the list : Sheffield.
New to bee keeping and planning two hives for next year. See this year as preparation and learning and making local links. I’ve already joined my friendly Sheffield bee society and start practical lessons on the societies hives next week, weather permitting. Lots of reading, and boy is there a lot to learn. I’m in an urban environment with 6 neighbours I’ll need to chat to about bees…but the houses aren’t too close so I have a nice spot for the hives I think. We’ll see what the bees think next year.
Nationals are the main hives here in Sheffield,the Langstroth being larger. I’ve not mentioned ‘flow hive’ to anyone locally yet as I’m a newbie and I would understand them rolling their eyes at me. The traditions of beekeeping seem long and deeply ingrained, so I can imagine some being resistant to change and their being an easier way. Time will tell.
It will be interesting pioneering the flow hive in the UK. We have a colder climate than Australia (so I’ve heard!) and wonder how well the honey will flow, especially with a cooler summer.

I’m new to bee keeping and when I stumbled across the flow system my enthusiasm begun, I have joined a local club and have been reading and watching videos. Looking forward to learning and learning some more with the reward of upto 70000 friend and honey :honeybee:

New Forest
To the west is mixed country. to the east is heather.
Guess I will have to turn the tap before the heather.
I suppose youclear set honey by robbing out?
I do not expect my hive for some time so any early adopters near me please declare yourselves!

Hi there. I am in Aberdeenshire and a beek for only one year. Flow hive due in Sept all going well.

I’m in West Cornwall …

Hello to you all. I am a newbee too and am based in East Sussex near Rye, not too far from the sea. Looking forward to connecting with you all and learning what’s what before the hive arrives.

Do any of you know if the honey obtained with Flow Hive can legally be sold in UK? If so, can you please provide me the legal evidence for that? Unfortunately in Italy honey on tap / field extractions are not legal…