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Unpacking - different woods?


so I finally get around to unpack and wanted to assemble but it looks like there are some pieces that are a different wood (pine?) than the other. you can clearly see the difference in the pictures.
Did anyone else notice that?


Cedar is very variable in colour, and it will go from dark brown, through reddish to light pine (or even pale maple) in colour. I am pretty convinced that those are all cedar, but if you weigh them, you can be even more sure - pine is a lot heavier than cedar.



Oh Ok, they seem to weigh about the same but I check.
Also not all pieces are pre-drilled on both sides, if you look at the first picture. the one side is done the other is not



Dawn is correct on the wood color variability of Western Red Cedar.

Regarding the pre-drilling, you’ll find that due to the tapered bits used to drill the pilot holes, some parts have a more prominent hole on one side of the board, and a pin-sized hole on the other. This is to avoid tearing the backside of the wood as the bit goes through. It should perform just fine as you insert the screws.

There are also certain box parts that are pre-drilled on one end and not the other due to the design of the Flow box and the need to remove the end to harvest or see how much honey is in the Flow frames.



as for the different color you will find that when putting the oil on it the lighter color my get darker and the darker may stay the same. wood there is no telling what will happen


Thanks Matt, it all worked out until I get to the roof assembly, please have a look at the pictures below, the little ledge in the back of the front roof panel is stapled on uneven from what I can see

Any suggestions?


Dry assemble the roof you, will see how it fits together - I admit at first it doesn’t seem correct but don’t forget the knobs on the back of the Flow box - the roof accommodates that - Have a play with it and you will see what I mean


Thanks Valli I did but I don’t think this strip is supposed to be skew :slightly_smiling: its actually sticking out over the edge of the roofline


Ah! Sorry I see what you mean. That is an @beethinking job


@beethinking Its a bit easier to see here


That’s no good! I’m sorry that made it through to you. Obviously you could try prying that board up and re-attaching if you’re in a hurry. Otherwise we can get you a replacement ASAP. Please go through Flow support and they can initiate that process.



@beethinking Thanks Matt not in a hurry at all :slight_smile: I will contact support


Mine was in similar condition. Splits that I had to glue together, gaps and voids to fill, and no instructions included.
The quality of the wood is rather poor as is the workmanship. I’ve found several holes that split and splintered through the back.
It was nothing that I couldn’t repair or replace, and it is just a beehive, but for the price we paid I did expect better quality control.
I did contact support, and they did offer replacement parts. As I said though, I have already repaired it.

Good luck with yours!