Very Expensive Shipping Charges

There are a few posts on the surprisingly excessive shipping costs already. I didn’t realise this was an issue until I ordered a few small broken parts. $55 to ship to Sydney! What! Shipping similar size/weight items is usually in the range $10-$20.

I didn’t fully understand the explanation I was given. Something to do with individually boxed items. Why they can’t be tossed into a single box and shipped as one for a lesser charge beats me. They are all small items, so it’s not a size-of-box issue, which seems to be the justification provided to others.

I guess they have outsourced warehousing and shipping to a third party (not just shipping), and this is how cost recovery works.

I certainly join others in being pretty disappointed with the Flow Hive team for putting in place such an expensive solution to their problem. Kind of dents their brand image a bit.

Not sure what my options are. I may have to manufacture the spares I need on my own.

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