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Packing error in the US


When putting together the hive body and super, I noticed that there were two of the same hardware kit, which were mostly screws, etc. The other kit I also should have received, including the wooden knobs, window latches and springs was not included with the shipment. I cannot assemble the super until I get this hardware. This is OK for now, as I have just installed my packages, and will not be using a super for a while yet. I am very much hoping that you will send me one or direct me where to go get one.

I have attempted to send five customer service emails through the flow website over the last few months, but I have not received any response. Tried again today. I am wondering if there is an issue with the website contact form, so am trying to contact flow here. Thanks, Kimmy.


I’m sorry you have had issues trying to contact us. Was it with the email address you used to order?
I did a search with this email address and could find your order, but no emails from you.

I will send you an email now - so that you can respond to it and we can get those replacement parts to you asap.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.


One of my favourite hates are the fill in forms on web sites. You don’t get a copy of what you sent, when you sent it, you don’t really know if someone gets it and/or ignores it or no one wants to answer etc etc.
A computer generated reply is no guarantee anyone will get it.

Why not just put an email address there for problems. Then the person will know when they sent , what they sent because they will be using their own mail client and you will have a better idea of the who and when.

My reading is that there is a lot of anger and uncertainty with people emailing in because they really have no record except what in the head. For me very little stays in the head.


As someone who used to post my email address as a link, I can tell you the spambots will find your email address and inundate you with junk mail. Thousands a day. Literally. I now post my email but as a picture and people have to type it in. I’m sure the spambots are one of the reasons most commercial sites seem to have the form you fill out instead of posting their email.


.[quote=“Michael_Bush, post:4, topic:6224”]
I can tell you the spambots
Wouldn’t the internet be a wonderful thing if not plagued by people trying steal, annoy, destroy or embarrass


I cant remember the number but I read somewhere the increase in speed of the internet would be huge if there were no more spam etc… Spam takes up so much bandwidth its insane!


Unfortunately Michael is right. Sometimes we get thousands of spam emails a day. That is why we have to use the contact form.
I was putting the address link on before, but I have been told again by my IT team that we can’t do it any more due to the above.
I will suggest a button - where the user can click “send a copy to me” - that way they will get a record of the email sent - and can even respond to it, etc., if they need to add more queries.


I like it. …


But then you just love pushing buttons, don’t you? :smiling_imp: