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Where to put my Bee Hives on sale in Sydney

Hi, I’m leaving Sydney for an extended period of time and I sadly have to let my loving bees go. I can’t find any body to mind them will I’m gone. I have 1 Flow Hive Araucaria 2 and 2 Langstroth Brood Box with 1 super each. Any advice about the best way to sell them? I tried Gumtree but it doesn’t seem like the best way.

I’m sorry to hear that you have to surrender your bees. Perhaps you could try your local bee club?

As I said in another thread. Google you want to buy in Sydney and go from there. There are lots of local “Buy and Sell” around, local papers. Advertise “Free hive” then when you have someones attention …With two hive for $xxxxx. :money_mouth_face:
Get someone to market them for you. We all know somebody who is a wizz at selling stuff on eBay, gumtree etc. :thinking:
Give them to daughter, son, mistress,aunt, godchild… :wink:

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This time of year is always tough to sell stuff. By mid Feb people have paid all their bills and are good again.

Take plenty of pics, be honest in the description, and price it well.
Usually 1/2 price of new is good.

Where in Sydney are you located Juan? There is a club in every region with members who may buy them from you.

Thanks Rodderick, there is one in Sutherland. Will check there.

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