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Anyone in Dallas Fort Worth


My mentor, Brad which is in Collin County does sell NUC’s. There are a few beekeepers I know they do sell them. I can get you a further name and number later. Trying to figure out where you’re located. What county are you in I believe you stated above. I will try to look it up. Tonight every second Monday of each month the Collin County B club meets at the McKinney Collin County campus. It’s a great place to go to if you have the opportunity, to learn and to see and hear from other beekeepers. I live in Dallas. But drive up to McKinney college campus each time. I will be there tonight. They have some great lecturers in a good group of people. I’m always surprised on how many people actually show up. It seems like a couple of hundred each time. I will be lecturing i.e. giving a talk next month on my three years experience using the flow frames.

The club meeting starts at 6:30 PM



Okay I just saw your south of Dallas. I’m not that familiar with all the counties. I work in downtown Dallas. If you ever want to just sit and talk or if you hear this way.

Do plan on buying a second brood box and associated frames to go with it. I would suggest getting plastic, wax coated frames. This would be for your second box. Do like the idea of going foundationaless, but would suggest staggering the frames i.e. foundation, foundationless, foundation, foundationless, foundation foundationless, and so on.

Here in Dallas/Texas. We typically run to brood boxes for one honey super i.e. flow frame.

May want to start researching how you want to coat the outside of your hive. I.e. paint and or wax it. Do not and I repeat, do not paint or treat the inside of your hive.



Hello again I’m having trouble finding this page, but thanks for your help. I live in Midlothian that’s about 20 minutes or so from Dallas. I would like to talk with you sometime about your hives.?
(Not sure if this sent so if it did sorry😁)


Bookmark this, and/or we can continue a private message as well. Yes it got to me. Let me know how you wanted to medicate I’ll send you a private message as well


What is best for you. I am new to this stuff!


We can start off by you asking and me answering questions on here. And as you get closer, to getting your hive and a bit more understanding. We can then certainly talk on the phone or meet face-to-face.


Ok sounds good. Thank you so much for your help and patience. I am researching the nuc and brood box, do I need to order the second brood box now and should I order it from Flow Hive?


Don’t order it from flow hive. There is no need. You will need to check the dimensions, they can be off by fractions of an inch, but really eight frame deep is all your needing to research. There are a couple out there that do specialize in sizing up the same dimensions as the flow. But I really wouldn’t worry about that, eight frame deep is all you need to be concerned about. I would get it now. You will want the equipment all at the same time so that when and if you’re hive starts growing fast, you’re not needing to panic at that time. Additionally, you’re gonna want to get eight frames of plastic wax coated

This box is a budget cedar, they do make a higher end one, but I don’t know that it’s necessary. You can click around and take a look, but this is basically the essentials I would suggest you get right now.

Also, you will need to decide how your coding the outside of the boxes. It does take some time and just think about general maintenance. After the girls are in place.

I’ve chosen to have mine hot dip wax. You can check out some other post I made on here concerning that. The guy is northwest of McKinney Texas that can do that. He’s also my mentor as well. I posted a video on here of us doing that.


Hi Marty,
planning on attending your lecture in Oct. Is the meeting on Oct 8?


Thanks Marty!!

My hive is in the Rowlett area and it has about 20 acres of Snow on the Praire around it!!! So funny how much you learn on this journey.

I let the bee harvest the SOP and it smells so funky in the hive now. Will they finish all of that this winter? My hive is so full of bees it is not even funny. I have 3 full 8-frame deeps!

Can you give me some pointers of what to do with them for the winter?

Thanks for the help.




Sorry for my late reply I don’t get on here that much. You have three full deeps brood or honey supers including your flow frames?

If so I would harvest the honey supers when you can it may be too late due to the winter wish I would have seen the sooner I would have had you harvested when it was warmer.

Let’s get this conversation started, likely I will want to speak on the phone for this will be a bit complicated and just want to talk you through many different options.

There is not one good answer. For every three beekeepers you ask there will be five different responses :slight_smile: