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Assembly of flow hive


Where is the entrance for the bees? I assembled my hive and the brood box sits directly on bottom board - no gap for an entrance?


Could you post some photos? Perhaps then we can explain where the entrance is meant to be. Thank you! :blush:


It’s the end of the bottom board that has the opening after you put the brood box on. The full width gap that you’ll see, is the bees entrance. You can choose to reduce it, if you like. Most people do, including myself.


Could the bottom board be upside-down?


Yes, you are right! I am a first time beekeeper and the instructions did
not mention which side up “Thanks”


Oh good, that’s an easy one to fix :upside_down_face:



Glad the issue is figured out. It probably won’t be your last puzzle or question. Most of us bumps into unfamiliar things n territory from time to time.

Glad your boxes are getting ready n you’ll
have winter to study n be ready. Any thots, questions, or whatever … toss it our way n we’ll try to help. If ya have a cell-phone or camera take few pixs to give us a visual idea. That helps give us better cleaner idea of what you need.

Cheers n welcome aboard,


Once I have built my flow Hive and a stand, what stops the components, or the entire hive from bowing over in strong winds? Do I need to ‘join’ the boxes and secure to the stand, if so, how?


Nylon straps or metal latches. Or heavy stones and bricks on the roof. Many choices :blush:


as dawn said- though in truth many people don’t do anything. Once the hive is full of bees and honey it is weighty- and the bees tend to propolise (stick together with propolis) the boxes, base and inner cover. Each time you open them you will have to pry the parts apart with your hive tool to break the seal the bees have made. The simplest way to secure the entire hive is with a strap that goes all the way around everything and ties it all together.