Broodminder Not Easy

Somewhere in here someone spoke about problem with broodminder. Must have been off topic because it doesn’t come up in search.
I have purchased a broodminder scales but have not been able to pair it via blue tooth to my phone. Scales are identified but cannot connect.
Have tried to contact Broodminder without success. The site just has sales. Their facebook suggested I email “support” but that mail gets returned “unable to deliver.” Trying facebook again. Support though facebook not very professional.
Anyway looks like I am stuck with a dud. Looked so good and easy on all the Youtube videos.
If you are looking at broodminder, I suggest wait a bit longer till they get a support system going as I am not impressed.

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Hi Wilfred - have you tried searching the word broodminder - just as I have just typed it? Perhaps you have…5 posts there for that spelling (small b) but not necessarily anyone with a problem …but thought I would let you know just in case.

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Do you have access to another phone, tablet or computer you can try pairing too? Have you tried taking the battery out of the scales and reinstalling?


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Yeah I bought a Bluetooth tool for work and my old phone wouldn’t connect so I got another and it only half connects… Annoying but fortunately my tablet connects fine. But now the tablet doesn’t pair with the phone… But it pairs with my old phone… It’s a vicious circle man…
Stoopid technology…

Wifes iPad sees but can’t connect. Wifes ipad and my Samsung connect and pairs. Put a new battery in. Reinstalled phone app.
All hard work.
Thanks Adam.

Think I’ll stick to just looking and saying things like “Gee must be heavy now” or “come on girls put your back into it, that hive isn’t heavy enough yet”. :smile:

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Thanks Dan I did see them. Thought someone had battery or blue tooth problems.

Seems like you got it to work? Be interested in hearing how you go with it. I like the arnia scales but it seems you have to use their gateway. Wish they’d do it with a Bluetooth or local wireless option. My hives are in the back and front yard and either option is better for me than cellular.


Hi Busso,

I’ve been using Broodminder since September. I remember the pairing being odd. I couldn’t get the standard pairing process to work. I gave up only to find that when I clicked on the app, it paired automatically. The devices don’t appear in the Bluetooth list, but every time I’m near the hive and run the app it shows signal and I sync successfully. Maybe that’ll work for you.

I looked into Arnia too and others, but didn’t want to be locked into using a gateway. My hives are at home and I sync every other day. I upload the data to to see a better presentation of the data. I haven’t needed tech support so can’t comment on that. You might have better luck on the Facebook group. I get the impression that BroodMinder is a small startup going through some growing pains. I find the product solid and will be getting more.

I hope you get yours going soon.


Thats a no. They have been put in the too hard tray till there is some company support at least.

My devices show in both the blue tooth list and the app on my phone but will not pair/connect. Frustrating.

Been a bad week. Tractor blew a hydraulic hose(day downtime). Slasher dropped its guts on a big rock. RSL mate died
my psoriasis has flared, and my back throws a hissy fit.
You get those days sometimes eh.


@busso I had the broodminder temp and humidity sensor (not scales). I think I was the first one to mention it. Odd that it hasn’t come up in a search. I’ve had alot of issues at times with the pairing. At one point due to an Android update the pairing would only work if you had location services turned on but they modified the app to get around that; I’m not sure if that might be your issue.

One problem I had with the broodminder device (and the reason I’ve recently abandoned it) was battery drain. Can you see your device? If you can, at least your battery is ok…

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@busso, @aussiemike makes a good point. The broodminder doesn’t “pair” like your bluetooth speakers or headphones do. The connection is for a data exchange - the connection won’t appear like you expect for other devices. Turn bluetooth on and load the app. Refresh the App (drag down on the screen) and it should connect shortly thereafter. If that doesn’t work also try turning on the GPS in addition to the bluetooth and try again.

And @aussiemike is correct…they are a small start-up. They originally listed on Indiegogo a few months after Flow. I was one of the beta testers for the first device.

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@SnowflakeHoney, I think I saw your comments about the battery drain. Maybe that issue has been fixed in the latest version. I’ve only been using mine (scales and brood sensor) for a bit over a month and the batteries still show 100%.

@aussiemike, I might to remember and ask back in a few months how that goes. First time around I got about 6months out of the battery. Second, third and fourth time around I got less than a month.

I turned on GPS and what do you know it paired up straight away and downloaded past 22 days.
In 22 days battery has dropped to 76%.
One hour later I tried and will not pair again.!!!:unamused:
Like I said it is back in the too hard tray.
Broodminder will not correspond at all.

@SnowflakeHoney, that’s sure high drain and seems to correspond with @busso”s 22day experience. I’m planning to visit Rich Morris (CEO and founder) on my next trip to the US early Feb to pick up some more units and talk over any issues. I’ll have a few months of use by then and I’ll relay yours and @busso’s experiences.

I have the scale and Temp/Humidity sensor and they are working great. It was great fun watching the hive gain weight during the flow. In my experience, they have the best hive sensors on the market. I have had the occasional sync problem with the scale device, but I suspect it is related to a weak battery.

I also experienced the fast battery drain problem. You should contact support and see what their solution is. I have had very a good experience with Broodminder. They have responded to my emails within 36 hours or so. If you are not getting a response, I suspect they are not getting your emails.

I connected using the broodminder app. I don’t think you can do it any other way, or at least I don’t know how.

Hello Everyone,

I’m so sorry to find out about all these problems. I am Mike Fuller and I provide support for the BroodMinder system. If I haven’t answered your email, I haven’t gotten it. (Please also let me know how you tried to contact me, so we can fix whatever communication chain is broken) You should be able to contact me directly at While some people do run into hiccups starting up, we do have thousands of sensors in the field running well. If you have sensors that don’t operate for at least 6mos on a charge contact me and we can see if your unit is defective. If you have a system that is not up and running, please send me an email and I will help.

Mike Fuller - BroodMinder Support


@SnowflakeHoney If you are having trouble with battery drain, please send me an email. We generally treat those sensors as defective and replace them free of charge.

I can be reached at or