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No frames with hive


I never received my frames with my complete flow hive. I sent an email and NEVER received a response. When am I getting my frames!!!


The Flow Frames and Hive are coming from 2 different countries and will be delivered separately.

Contact the Flow Team on ; http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3


don’t stress,

they’ll turn up within the week…


Don’t count on that timeframe. I am going on a month since I received the hive and no word on the frames yet.


Hear, hear! Me too and now I’m going to start getting pesty about it. At least tell us what is going on and why our items are queued when they have said in emails they would be shipped in 72 hours. That was in December.


Still no frames and no time frames as to when…this ridiculous. AND your responses are just as poor! “DON’T STRESS” is not a very professional business reply. Sounds more like some who doesn’t care about the customer now that they got all the mobey.


@RICK20 I received my frames yesterday. Most of the ppl here on the forum don’t speak for the FlowHive team, so the “Don’t Stress” didn’t come from them. I am 100% sure they care about their customers.I also don’t think they are running away with your money. If that was the case, no one would be getting frames at all. There are 4 shipments of frames, according to the FlowHive team, that were send out. There is the 4th shipment next week if i remember correctly.


I run my own business. I am responsible for anyone who represents me or my business. Therefore, they should be too. I also didn’t say that they were running away with my money. I just want accurate answers on delivery dates and courteous responses. People need to remember that happy customers are what keep our businesses thriving. Good customer service is the most critical component to success. Read how many responses are dissatisfied with their customer service. Just because you had good luck don’t disregard the many of us who have had poor service, i.e. inaccurate shipping dates, sarcasm, or no response at all.


Really? You think the FlowHive Team is responsible for everything that is said on this forum? I’d say 99% of the ppl on this forum don’t represent FlowHive, and neither do I. I’ve never actually seen any comment from the FlowHive team that is sarcastic… just the opposite. All shipping dates were estimates, not actual shipping dates. I’ve read the forums, I know the complaints. I also know from reading the forums the problems they had in production, emails sent that weren’t supposed to, etc. I’d tell you to relax, but that probably isn’t going to help.


Finally got my frames the other day. They were well packed, i.e., no damage in shipping. Glad they put measurement instructions in inches as well as mm, as I hate doing conversions, so when I start changing a couple of lang boxes to hold my 7 frames I shouldn’t run into much difficulty. now if the temps would warm up and it stop snowing I could work out in the yard.