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Change shipping address on order


Continuing the discussion from Shipping Order or Order Confirmation?:

We decided to speed up our move in Dec. So I changed my profile address but Noticed I was not able to change the MY ORDER page; thought it would update from profile. When I received an e-mail in late Jan that my hive box and flow frames would ship separately I noted the old address was still the destination. I immediately contacted customer service to advise them the address was incorrect…no response…I checked back a week later and the address was still wrong…contacted again…no response. It’s mid Feb and my order is now Queued and the address us still wrong. Has anyone else had to deal with a shipping address change? Is there another way? It MAY ship correctly but without communication I have no way of knowing. Very uncomfortable right now :frowning:


That’s strange you weren’t able to access your order page. Normally you can just click on “My orders”. Must have been a glitch at the time you tried to do it, sorry about that.

Because of customers with multiple orders and different shipping addresses - we have separate addresses on each order.
There is a section at the bottom of “My Profile” where you can copy the address over to you order.

I have updated you shipping address now.

I did a search through our emails, and can only find one email from an hour ago, and the last were 4 and 5 months ago, with no shipping address confirmed… how did you try and contact customer service?


I received an e-mail stating the flow frames would be shipped separate/later than the box and to confirm the shipping information. That was when I realized the address change in my profile had not updated My Order. I logged in and opened My Orders and tried to change the address there but could not so I responded to the e-mail. My apologies…I had logged in several times and did not see that link from profile to order so when I would open My Orders the option to edit was not present…thank you. I feel much better now! :blush: