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Connect with flowhivers in the Hunter Valley NSW

Hi there, are there or will be any flow hiver users in the HV? Thank you.

Hi Daniela, are you a member of the Hunter Valley Amateur Beekeepers? They have strong ties to the Andersons and received one of the very first protoypes. Would be a good group for you to hook up with.

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Hi there. I had been looking at joining the HV group but felt the travel is just a little bit far from where I live. Now that I know they have the flow hive also may be worth it. Thanks much. Dan.

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Hi Daniela,

I have just received my flow hive I also live in the hunter. Was wanting to pick your brain if available??


Hi Amanda. That’s great To hear. Certainly let me know…:: I am also learning about it all. Thanks Daniela.

Hi Daniela_Riccio,

I live in East Gosford, have you set up your hive yet?

Hi there. Not yet as waiting on my Nuc & queen bee. Should be set up by end October. I just painted it in pure Tung oil so waiting for that to dry.

Awesome, installing your Nuc is fascinating. I have had mine in for about 6 weeks now and about to fit the super. Exciting times!

I just got the Nuc Installed Saturday. Already I see SHB. Am trying out the chux wipe method to catch them. So y have that problem there also ?

Was there SHB in the nuc? How many have you spotted in the hive?

Hi Daniela,
That’s pretty normal from what I understand. I am using a method similar to the chux and check the board almost every day - sometimes I get none, sometimes I get 10-15.

I get about 6 a day and mostly in chux. Today a big hairy grey spider went into
The brood box am going to remove it now but hopefully the bees do their job. Last week we had a small frog under the table. Never ending uninvited guests otherwise the bees are happy and working.