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Do Not Lose your Caps and Plugs


Over time I have learnt to put things in a handy, but safe spot so they don’t get lost. Trouble is “oldtimers” creeps in from time to time and I just can’t find that safe place.:confused:
In the process of cleaning my flow frames I removed all 6 channel plugs and 6 key entry plug and put them in a safe place. I was well aware how important they are and how easy to misplace.

Well I have just purchased all the plugs. They come in sets of 2 bottom plugs, 2 top plugs and 2 drain tubes for $7.99. That’s $1.33 each.
So with 3 sets and postage, I have $34.55 less in my bank.:cry:

No doubt I will find them tomorrow, now I have purchased new ones and very*expensive ones at that.
Bit disappointing Flow have chosen to make them expensive and coupling plugs and tubes together.


Yes, it would be great if sales could be more flexible. In saying that, I found the flow people very helpful when I needed to purchase a single item not listed in the flow shop.
Try send an email via the e shop page.
Perhaps flow will eventually list single flow hive items in their shop. It is a lot of work for them to get all this up, but I’m sure soon we can purchase all bits and pieces separately. Stands to reason, it will only increase their sales.


Too late I’ve and paid.


don’t you hate that- when you know you put them somewhere- and you know at the time you thought to yourself: “I am putting them here- to be safe- all I must do is remember- easy” and then you can’t remember. And you know you will find them- because they are in ‘the safe place’.


I’ve purchased a few hybrid boxes in the last year while the sales were on and some came with spare plugs and some without. Some came with frames and some without also. I was disappointed with not receiving the frames and surprised that I got spare plugs.
Lucky dip I suppose…
Tough luck with the plugs @busso however I don’t think that the price is unreasonable considering that if the price was double you’d still have to pay it…
Murphy’s law says you find them before you need them now. :slight_smile: