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Dutch Flow Hive Beekeepers

Hi Stickybee. If i know what dates your in the neighborhood, i’m happy to see whether i can show you some hives, although i myself have only 2, and currently only one with bees in it. But i can check with some beekeepers in the area. I live in Rijssen, the Netherlands. But i hope others reply to your message as well and you can pick the best reply ;-).

Hoera, vandaag voor het eerst de kraan open gezet en prachtige honing afgetapt. Meteen de vraag, is 2kg per raam ok? Alles was netjes verzegeld maar lijkt wat weinig…
Wat is jullie ervaring?

Ed & Femke

Hi @Fembee. I can’t tell from experience, sorry. According to https://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/all/how-much-honey-comes-out-of-a-flow-super/p/42 , you should get about 3 kg per frame when completely filled. Did you observe this list: https://www.honeyflow.com/resources/starting-with-flow/harvesting-checklist/p/197 ?

I would add to Raoul’s helpful comment that if you only got 2kg, it is possible that you didn’t leave the frame draining for long enough. My frames drained about 2kg in 30-40 minutes, but another 1.2kg over the next 4 hours. The later honey was much thicker than the first honey to drain. :wink:

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Thanks, I drained for about 40 minutes… What’s your advice, leave the rest for round 2 or drain the remainer as well?


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I would try draining again, and wait at least 2 or 3 hours this time. However, the bees may already have started removing the honey from the Flow frames, so you may not get much. Next time, you will know to wait a bit longer when draining. It also helps if you drain it around the warmest part of the day, say between 11:00 and 15:00, as warmer honey flows faster. :blush:

Ahoj, mám úl v ČR druhým rokem.

Hallo, zeer binnenkort willen wij ons eerste volk gaan aanschaffen en in een flow hive plaatsen. Wij zouden het heel leuk vinden om eens met iemand mee te kijken hoe de flow hive precies werkt. Is er toevallig iemand in de buurt van Zeeland met een flow hive?


Ik heb een Flow Hive Nederland facebook pagina aangemaakt. Kijken of er wat Nederlanders met een een Flow hive zich aanmelden . Zodat we ervaringen kunnen delen, [https://www.facebook.com/groups/721501468588581/?ref=share]