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Dutch Flow Hive Beekeepers

Ben benieuwd of er ook nederlanders zijn die een flow hive hebben of binnekort ontvangen. Die van mij komt in December aan.

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Hi Aidan,

I live in NL (don’t speak Dutch though :slight_smile: ) Where are you located? I’m in Den Haag.

Hi Neauneau I live close to Deventer. Your Flow Hive allready arrived?

Ik woon in Rijssen. Heb een complete flow hive. Ben nu cursus aan het volgen, in Deventer :slight_smile: . En aan het bedenken hoe ik de bijen die ik van de cursus in een 6-ramer (simplex/spaarraam) over krijg naar de Langstroth… Ik heb in ieder geval al wat ‘conversie-setjes’ gemaakt op basis van dit idee: http://www.beedoma-shop.eu/Webwinkel-Product-71586369/Setje-Spaarraam-Langstroth-conversie.html .

Hoi benieuwd of het gelukt is. Welke maten heb je gebruikt? Heb je ze al in de flowhive zitten?

Ha Aidan_Scherpbier. Ik ben nu niet in de buurt van de spullen, en ik neem aan dat je de link hebt bekeken die ik deelde. Ik heb dus (bij een bouwmarkt) een latje genomen met afmetingen die zo dicht mogelijk zitten bij de afmetingen van een normale Langstroth raam-bovenlat. Voor de zijblokjes de afmetingen van een simplex-raam (zoals in de afbeeldingen op die site). Omdat ik vond dat de blokjes bij mij wat teveel gingen bewegen als ik ze als test in de Langstroth-bak hing, heb ik zelf ook nog klitteband gekocht.

In de cursus hebben net vorige week broedafleggers van het hoofdvolk gemaakt op 2 6-raams simplex kastjes. Ik heb de raampjes dus nog niet thuis en dus nog niet in de Langstroth broedbak. Zodra ik mijn volkje mee naar huis mag nemen, hoop ik op de simplex-ramen uit de 6-ramer een stukje klitteband te kunnen plakken aan de zijkant van de ramen, en dan het Simplex Langstroth convertor setje toe te kunnen voegen en het geheel in de Langstroth te hangen. Dat moet allemaal met de ‘dames’ op de ramen, dus ik hoop dat ze meewerken ;-).

Trouwens: heb jij ze (de flow frames) al wel in gebruik :-)? Heb je alleen flow frames, of een hele Flow Hive (ik heb de complete hive, dus onderbak, broedbak & Flow honingbak)

Hai Aidan, wat leuk om een paar nederlanders op Flow te vinden. Ik lees her en der over een volk van 20.000-60.000 bijen. Hoe groot is jouw volk? Ben eigenlijk wel benieuw hoe dat hier in NL gaat.


Ik volg de ontwikkeling van de FLOW HIVE al een tijd en ik zou er heel graag 1 willen. Ik ken echter niets van bijen en woon niet “vrij”. Ik heb te maken met buren en aangrenzende tuinen.

Hebben jullie tips voor me? Waar te beginnen?
En wat moet ik aanschaffen mocht ik tot aankoop overgaan?

bedankt voor info.


I will write in English so everyone can read it.
I started Just and made a Dutch box (Spaarkast) . See Dutch bee hive (Spaarkast).
My second box, but the first in working. Please feel free to give comments, like choose of wood, dovetailing or otherwise.
I would like to have contact with other Dutch beekeepers about all aspects of FlowHive in the Netherlands.
Nice buzzing!

Hallo Raoul,
Wat voor kast heb je? Begrijp ik goed dat je om bent naar een Longstroth? Ik heb een Spaarkast gemaakt, zie Dutch bee hive (Spaarkast).
Het was even puzzelen, want de FlowHive-ramen zijn te lang en heb die zelf ingekort. De kast staat nu in het veld; onder een broedkast en bovenop een honingkamer. De bijen moeten dus door de FlowHive-ramen.
Heb jij ervaringen zoals het ’ opeten’ door de bijen van je ramen?
Hoor graag!

Hi Michiel. I’ll answer in English so non-Dutch-speaking interested readers can follow our conversation.

Your handy work looks great!

I’ve started my basic-beekeepers-course at the beginning of 2016, just finishing the hands-on part of the course (more theory in the 2nd part of 2016), and just last weekend all students were allowed to take home their first colony, which we split off from the course supplied colony on which we practised.

At the course we used the Dutch box (spaarkast) system, so my colony currently is in a styrofoam 6ramer .

As i bought a full flow hive, inspired by beedoma, i build conversion kits, planning to use the Dutch frames in the Flow hive.

Next weekend i’m planning to move the colony from the ‘course hive’ to the Flowhive brood box, using the conversion kit. I’ll hang empty Longstroth frames next to the 5 or 6 Dutch converted frames

What do you mean by “bees eating the frames”?

Hi Raoul,

Thanks for your compliment on my work.

I’ve read on this forum about a colony of bees that have eaten parts of the FlowHive-frames!? I send you photo’s of it. If its real, I can’t tell. Some say it is just damage by falling; not by bees.

You have done a course; can you tell something about it? I presume is was with your local bee keepers union? I’m guided with an experienced bee keeper, but I lack extra knowledge. So I must do a course also, I think.

Last weekend you took home your first colony, which you split off from the course supplied colony on which you practiced. Are you ‘making’ a queen or is she also proivided?

Am I right that you bought an American full Flow Hive Longstroth style? Costely, because it sets your standard. An advantage is that the hive is bigger. I think your plan of hanging empty Longstroth frames next to the 5 or 6 Dutch converted frames is a wise plan. Perhaps you centralize the FlowHive-frames.

Like to hear your adventures on the forum!

I find it hard to believe the bees could somehow damage, either by eating or another way, the plastic Flow frames. But if i find that in my hive, i’ll report back.

I’m doing this course: http://www.imkersdeventer.nl/beginnerscursus/ . You both have a hands on part as well as the theoretic part. It’s great to work with other students as well as multiple experienced bee keepers, since on many subjects you have many views :-). I recommend the course!

Our colony has a queen (we did a walk away split, so the bees in the students hives grew a new queen), and we did treat the colony with oxalic acid against varroa.

Afaik i have this hive. I know Longstroth isn’t used much in the Netherlands, but i’m into global IT standards, so happy to use the most used hive standard ;-). And yes, that full Flow Hive was expensive :-).

I’m not sure what you mean by “Perhaps you centralize the FlowHive-frames”. I’m planning to put my ‘Dutch frames’ with bees on them, and stuff in the cells, with conversion kits in the middle of the hive, and place empty Langstroth on the sides. Later on, probably around april 2017, i will try to swap the frames with conversion kits with Langstroth frames as well…

I’ll try to report back as soon as i think i have something interesting to report. I hope to read about your adventures as well :-).

Hey guys, I moved to Australia in 2000 and started beekeeping here in Perth a little over 1 year ago. I was born in Friesland and lived in Overijsel / Brabant for a while before we migrated to Perth. I just started a flow hive 2months ago (just before the winter here). Couple of more weeks and we should be well and truly in spring again!!!
Love to read about how the flow hive works in Holland.

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Hello Dutch beekeepers,
I lived in NL for some years, but now moved back to Czech republic. I´m thinking about buying an Flow hive…
I´m interested in your experience with Flow hives… does it flow in NL? :slight_smile:

Alvast bedankt,

Hi Saraah_Klara_Satin. I do have a Flow hive, but only since mid this year, so no honey in the Flow frames yet, sorry. I hope another Dutch Flow hive user responds and can confirm flow, although i presume the Flow will flow in the Netherlands :-).

In have noticed the chewing on my frames as well. I have always carried my frames like babies, so no dropping involved :slight_smile:
I did prep my frames with wax of 2016 and as you might have heard parts of Europe got fraudelous chinese wax not being wax at all so maybe my wax was part of those batches (as a newbee I did not keep my waxlabels so not sure - but pretty close). I am in the process of removing the wax from the frames (messy and not satisfactory yet) and it was then that I noticed the notches.
I did put on the super too late last year so maybe my buckfasts wanted to get them out - like they where eating other stuff out of the hive (styrofoam entrance reduction, varroa cakes, styrofoam in filler frames,…)

Either this (good cleaners) or some of us got off factory damage :slight_smile:

It was an experiment last year with only two flow frames in the super. The other frame does not have damage, this frames has them on both sides and - coincidence or not - mostly on the same elements (front and back).

To end on a positive note: on this close inspection it was nice to see they filled the wedges with their own wax so they know what to do with the frames and will probably fix the damages themselves.

And to end on an even more positive note: tapping the tap for the first time was indeed a magical moment :slight_smile: - almost as magical as spinning the spinner for the rest of the frames. greetings from Belgium (next season almost here)


Ik heb sinds 2016 de HoneyFlow maar er heeft nog geen honey geflowed zal ik maar zeggen. Binnenkort wel !


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Hi all just thought I would jump into this post , I’m a beekeeper in Australia, Perth Western Australia to be exact and I’m doing a Europe travel in early June , mainly to do a couple Beekeeping courses but on the travels I’m visiting many people who are beekeepers and it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 I’m looking for people in Holland that I can visit and see there hives