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#eBay flow frames


Thanks - I’ve just reviewed them as Fake and to refer to http://www.honeyflow.com/


Can people go on as say they are fake Please, Thanks


Valli so do we know for shore that these are fake . ? :confused:


They are being sold from China: Flow Frames are coming from Australia


Cheeky sods are even putting their own copy right markon the Flow Teams Photos!!!

That Flow Box is not the nice one from the Brisbane Factory!!


BTW Taotuo in Chinese means to run away or escape - Bit of a cheek - bit like the Aussie expression - “Fell off the back of the truck”


If you have time, bombard the Ebay seller with messages about the product being fake. Here is a message I have been using on Amazon and Ebay as an example:
“This is a blatant fake and copyright violation whilst using photos of the genuine Flow Hive, Buyer Beware! … Bee space is important and the tolerances are critical otherwise the bees will not deposit any honey in these frames and why take a risk with plastics not guaranteed to be food grade, China has appalling health regulations when it comes to food, safety and the widespread use of chemicals and pollutants, this product cannot be trusted to be safe. Why bother with a fake when you can get the real thing for only a few dollars more.”


I’m bombarding Amazon presently LOL. But it is 2am so I need to go to bed Nite!


post it everywhere I can hate people who rip people off :angry:


Go People power amazon says this item is not available …


Hi Valli, I’m tipping your Flow Hive will be in the mail. Express delivery. You earned it.


Pity all this is pointless. They will sell via Alibaba and if the flow system works they will be as ubiquitous as rip off designer handbags.


@JeffH all I have to do is convince you to buy one!!! :wink: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee:


I’ve also had a go at them all, here’s one reply I received a few moments ago!

New message from: yours-ours (5,710Green Star)
Thanks for your message.
I’m very sorry that you mentioned that it’s a blatant fake and copyright.
We checked the patent information about the product after receving your email,there’s no any information.
Could you please help me confirm this issue if you can provide a patent number so that we can check at our side?
If there’s infringement act,we must removing the listing and won’t infringe on your right.
Any questions,please feel free contact with us.


Hi Valli, I’m a very patient man, my decision to buy or not to buy will be based entirely on your results. That other bloke only got 4.5 kilos from 3 frames after only 3 inches were taken off, I’d be looking for a better result than that.


That is up to the bees not the Flow Frame!!!


Yes, I know what you mean. We could have bought a beautiful Louis Vuiton handbag in N.Y. for around 50 bucks. This was always on the cards, but I’m surprised at how quickly it happened. I don’t think I’m alone there.


Surprised neither ebay nor amazon have removed the listings. Pity. Next thing, buyers of these frames will come on these forums and complain about their defective products. Wonder how many flow frames have been sold to China precisely to these knock-off merchants. This is going to eat into the future development of anything innovative. Inventor beware, free trade agreements with China don’t cover copyright. :-/


I’m expecting the same thing, poorly copied counterfeits will give the flow hive a bad name… :frowning:


William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper


I thought I would remind everyone that we are the SOLE distributors.
You can only purchase through us on our website or our old Indiegogo crowd funding page.


If you see it anywhere else - it is a fake/copy/ and not produced by Flow.

Thanks for everyone’s support! We really appreciate it :slight_smile: I feel we are creating a very nice community of bee keepers out there :heart: