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Famous Australian Inventor


I can’t help but wonder if Henry Hoke (a famous Australian Inventor) would have invented a flow hive if he lived long enough.



Hi Jeff- did anyone copy any of his inventions I wonder?..you know, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that…


Hi Dan, I think they may have. I was thinking of different folks on this forum in relation to some of the inventions. I think his paint would go well on @Semaphore’s long hive. Plus the dehydrated water pills might apply to @Dawn_SD, especially after reading the directions on the bottle, not forgetting @Dee.

The Steep Learning Curve, well that goes without saying.

You could probably steal his idea & make a wind up honey spinner.

Why did my bees swarm? The Random Excuse Generator - need I say more.



I think the striped or polka dot paint could be a real time-saver :laughing:


sounds like a good idea jeff- but- being of Scottish extraction I really am looking for an Argyle paint finish. Not sure if Mr Hoke ever managed to crack that nut?


Jack, you’ll just have to settle for the tartan. I was thinking about the sky hook yesterday after reading Kirsten’s dilemma.

In relation to some folks with beehives, there’s the “long weight”. I was thinking of your friend with the fake flow frames.