Repeat customer discount

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know if flow gives a good discount to repeat customers?

I love this idea and think we early adopters who supported FlowHive from the beginning are particularly deserving of this discount for taking a chance with this. I just looked up the prices of buying NEW flow hive frames and WOW !
I also found cheaper ones made in CHINA - has anybody used these ? and how has it gone? thanks.

From what I have seen the cheaper ones from China are just that–CHEAPER in every manner. I have heard they have cell alignment problems and leaks and are easily broken. I would never purchase something that purposely infringes on the patent of an existing company.


Thanks for your point of view.

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It’s called refer a friend and the details pop up on the home page.

I have seen a YouTube clip where a a guy demonstrated that the frame on its third time of use did not close and no matter what he did it was locked about 1/2 open, the clip finished with him taking to it with an axe, he was somewhat annoyed I guess…

I have just taken delivery of two flow hives and no discount, but I didn’t ask either. Maybe I should have. I will be ordering 3 more over the southern winter and it would be nice if they reduced the price a little. Or at least offered pick-up from the Brisbane factory by appointment.

Hi Peter, just to let you know I have had my Flow frames over the brood box since the beginning (3 years) and they have never been off (except for inspections), lost count of the number of extractions, 7 or 8 I think and about to turn the handle again. No problems so far although it is looking a bit grotty.

Hello Rod, so I would be 3 to 6 degrees warmer, interesting.
I have 2 nuc’s coming on this week-end going onto coastal old growth bush and 10 acres of dandelion in flower, they should thrive on it.
I had hives in the Hawkesbury and Mudgee, both well below zero on winter nights so this is a whole new ball game up here with a few nights below 10C.
Maybe it will be a situation of leaving the Flow Hives on once the hives build up in strength.
Thanks for that info mate. Cheers.

My comment about the YouTube clip was about one of the Chinese copies of a flow hive and not the genuine article. Seems a few copy-cats available out of China and read tonight about one that has a bamboo QX, like do they really think it will work !!!

Coolum/Noosa is a lovely part of the world Peter, should be a great climate to raise bees. I have an apiary not far from the Hawkesbury, I do agree with about the low temps, Mudgee is very cold in Winter so I guess you had to treat your bees differently up there. Single 10F hives is all I use and so far I have been happy with this setup, young enough to lift off a full box of honey and not need a physio appointment the next day, not sure how many years I can keep it up though.

I had 10 frame hives in my younger days but have gone now with 8 frame full boxes so I can handle them easier. Mudgee was bitterly cold in winters but with spring came the Salvation Jane which was heavy with pollen and nectar and really boosted the hive numbers.
Over a season Mudgee produced 40% more honey so it covered the fuel costs and a pleasant drive that I knew well.
Cheers Rod.


I had 10 frame British Nationals in my younger days. They were easier to lift than Langstroths. Then I realized that the boxes were made of cedar, which is about two thirds of the weight of pine. Plus they are shorter boxes with longer lugs on the frames. Plus nobody uses double deep brood boxes in the UK (well, almost nobody), but everybody does in southern California, where I live and keep bees now.

So much to learn as we age. :blush: I can’t lift a full Langstroth deep. I can just about manage a medium, but I need painkillers for a few days afterwards.

As we age there is more to learn because we develop an inquiring mind with more that interests us.
I have opted to standardize on full 8 frame Langstroth boxes but when I get older it will be easier to go to 1/2 depth boxes but that is in the future as I am only 70 now. I guess my back will tell me when it is time…
I guess the single brood box in the UK and doubles in California is because of the better (warmer) climate in the states, is that right?

As far as l concerned we should support australia all the way

It is because of the climate difference, but it is actually a bit more complicated than you might think.

In the UK, the weather gets cold enough over winter for the bees to cluster and not need so much to eat. A single deep or a deep and a half were enough for wintering in my WBC hives.

In my part of California, the bees never cluster. In fact, the queen never stops laying. Drones do get thrown out in about September, and she usually stops laying drones until around mid-December. We have extremely long nectar dearths because of our dry climate, so together with the prolonged flight activity, the colony needs plenty of food storage space to survive. :blush:


Thanks for that info and sure it will be appreciated @Dawn_SD I have changed climates so am soaking up information about the climates that I am in now, we don’t have a winter here, just a wet and a dry season (in theory).