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Flow frame assembly

Hi All, does anyone know of a video/instructions on how to re-assemble a flow frame? One of mine came apart when I was shaking off water after washing it. Thanks.

Click on the magnifying glass at the top. Search for “flow frame assembly”. Your post will be the first result. Your answer will be in the second result.

Thanks Alan, I tried that. One post with a link did come up but the link didn’t work; came up with a “not found” error message.
I should be able to work out how to do it :slight_smile: .

It’s the second YouTube video on that page


Oh great, thanks Alan, I missed that.

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I had the same problem ( my doing!) And was able to reassemble quite easily.
Just ensure cable loops are in the right grooves and you put the cable on the correct end first.

And you have the “right” tension

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Absolutely. Too tight will stiffen up the movement. Having said that, my cable loops didn’t break so I could mirror the other intact frames.

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You can also have them too loose