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Flow Hive Sales Promotion Dec 2015


After countless viewings of Flow Hive’s website and internet research last year. I decided to jump in and purchase my complete cedar flow hive system when their website had a promotional sale stating that for every complete system sold up till the end of Dec 15, they would donate $50 to a children World Famine charity. For this reason alone, I decided to purchase when I did, in this time frame (was always going to buy one anyway but much later).

Does anyone out there in Honeyland have any knowledge of what the final pledge made by Flow Hive was. To know would give me a warm buzzing feeling.


Hmmm ! Saw the saw pledge/donation promotion during the early winter. But not heard one WORD yet ! They’ve been busy with some shipping n frame issues so probably an oversight ! Maybe we’ll see a vid or announcement SOON !


I did see something in one of the official responses about an update about that. But when I went back to try to find it in my emails I came up empty. I can’t remember now where I saw/heard that update.