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Flow Hive Warranty


Is there a warranty in the Flow Hive/Frame parts?

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We will look after our amazing supporters as best we can… we don’t have a formal warranty in place for this initial crowdfunding stage of Flow™. We are committed to delivering the best possible product and support. We have designed the frames so every single part is replaceable, and will have replacements available (we haven’t had any parts break and need replacing the past 3 years of field testing).


I do look forward to hearing any formal warranty, but I bought this without anything so while I think it is reasonable to assume things should last XX years and will wear with constantly opening/closing it is also reasonable to assume that if it breaks a month after I get it you would support getting us parts for free? I am sure anything will take time to decide. 3 years of testing is awesome!


Hi,Jake,if there should be a problem with bees in the caribean and the flow hive system it should work ok?


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question.


I really felt I needed to weigh in on this.

I certainly do hope the product works as promoted/designed. Also I do hope that if there is any manufacturing or warranty claims something could be done. But saying all that, is where I feel I need to weigh in on:

This is a crowd funding project, we are not buying something we are supporting an inventor and an idea. This idea works in someone’s backyard this idea works with the designer. With any of these ideas and products it takes a lot of work to potentially get it to mass production. The mass production techniques may render the product and capable of performing as designed, because the inventor is not there to tinker with it. I have help fund several crowdfunding projects and thus far I have seen just better than a 50% return of a good working product. I am a major supporter of people with ideas and want to continue that, but we all need to remember we are not buying a tested product we are buying a new idea and new ideas don’t come without a lot of testing, crying and bleeding.

I believe in this product or I would not have spent the money I’ve spent, nor the time I’ve invested in learning beekeeping and all the classes and tutors I’ve paid for thus far. I have gotten a major education and understanding bees and the environment, that in itself is worth the time and money I’ve spent so far.


Well Said Marty. I think some people forget they are helping this business from the ground up - the original $70,000 was to get the manufacture started.

Look how far and fast they have come. Broken all records, offering better still than originally funded, Supported several Charity world events, Got bee keepers together from Across the world. And Mainly helped to promote and save the bees as a direct result.

If all that is not enough Bang for your Buck I don’t know what is

Did the Chinese Rip Off Factories do any of that??

Credit where Credit is due!


So the answer to the original question is “no”; there is no warranty on the product.

Thank you all.


Still not a warranty but I found this:

“The manufacturer of the frames for the Flow Hive turned up at my market stall today.
Nice fellow. Asked what I was thinking of the FH - I’m not for or against as I never seen or owned one, wait and see.
He explained to me that they are manufactured at his company near Brisbane. The factory works 3 shifts, 7 days a week. They expect to work these shifts till the middle of 2016.
He explained that the frames have been destruction tested and came up roses.
He expects a frame to last 5 to 7 years with normal use and about 2 years if stored exposed to light.
He is not YET a beekeeper but seems to be in the injection moulding business for a good while.”


Warranty is here. Google is a wonderful thing. Looks like there is a 30 day & 12 month coverage on the warranty.


Hey thanks! That’s not much of a warranty though. If they mess it up I have to pay for shipping back to Australia?


I am slightly confused by this language in the warranty.
“This warranty does not apply to Goods offered to our Indiegogo investors
as a perk for their investment or contribution to development of first

By using the term “perk” it sounds like maybe we get a better warranty as part of the indiegogo investors. Maybe one of our Flow team members could clear up what they mean by that.


It sounds like they have a warranty but it doesn’t apply to any products they have sold.


It wouldn’t be a perk to have no warranty…