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Founding supporters email address


It has been really disappointing having to post this on the forum. I sent an email some 8 days ago to the so called special thank you email address for founding supporters only provided on the little thank you flyer from Stu & Cedar that was included with the my bee suit delivery last July. The email went through OK yet to date there has been no reply at all. Not even a quick courtesy reply to acknowledge the receipt of the email or to let me know that someone will get back to me.

What’s the point in telling people that you have setup a special email address in appreciation for their early support and then not respond when they use that email address. I understand that Flow is a new startup business and everyone is probably flat out with the business but decent customer support is crucial for long term survival.

I only hope that this will prompt someone to check the emails in that address as promised in Cedar and Stu’s flyer and take the trouble reply.


We are really sorry about this.
We had a major problem with this email address unfortunately and customer support weren’t able to see/answer these emails.
We are in the process of importing these emails now into the system where we can actually respond to them.

You can email info@honeyflow.com with your query or you can pm with your question and I’ll help you.

Sorry again. We really didn’t mean for this to happen :frowning:


Thank you so much Faroe for picking this up promptly and resolving my queries in the original email I sent to the founding supporters email address. I have emailed you the information you requested in your reply. Much appreciated.


No problem :slight_smile:
Glad we could help resolve it in the end.