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No Reply To Multiple Phone Calls Or Multiple Emails Over 2 weeks


I have left voicemails and sent multiple emails over the last 2 weeks. There has been no reply.


Welcome to the club. You’re in the same boat as many others of us, including me. Let me guess, you’re emailing about either not receiving the product or having quality issues?


Check your junk mail/filtered mail. The vast majority of people who have contact issues have been getting responses from Flow that get filtered into the trash. I’m sure @Faroe will be able to look up your details to see what happened shortly.


Sorry you have not received any replies to your phone calls or emails - I will email you know from our email/ticket system to see if you get it.

Did you use of contact form or an email address to contact us? - http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3

If you don’t get it please PM so we can work it out.

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