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Free bee keeping talk by Michael Bush on the North Coast NSW


Hi everyone, just letting you know there’s a free Beekeeping Talk by
Michael Bush 27 October, North Coast NSW.

You can register here - http://beetalk.instapage.com/

Natural Beekeeping with Michael Bush
6-8PM Tuesday, 27 October
The Byron Theatre,
Byron Bay Community Centre
69 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481


Take loads of note, video if he will allow - can we get some Autographs :wink:


lol I don’t know. I won’t be there unfortunately :slight_smile: But you never know, he might reply to you on here :wink:


My Mum and nieces live just North of Byron, They may be interested


Dam, I wish I had know about this sooner.

Hopefully someone will upload it onto youtube for all of use that can’t be there.

BTW we interviewed Michael on our podcast, if you want to hear his wisdom HERE



It kind of happened last minute. Yes, I’d be happy to give autographs… if you have my book you should bring that as that would be the best place for one… :slight_smile: I never do my own videos but other’s often do. I can’t say if anyone is going to video it or not…


Hi Michael, will you be travelling anywhere else in Aus? Talks or tourist? We are in South Australia.


There maybe some books available to purchase & have signed at the same time.


I don’t know about books. I don’t have very many with me. If someone else has some, I can’t say. As far as getting around,I don’t have any transportation to speak of. I’m not sure I can handle driving on the wrong side anywhere there is much traffic so I don’t have a car. I’ve been hanging out between Bangalow and Lennox Head.


Hanging ten on a shore break… :grinning:


Hi Michael, your in a beautiful part of Australia, if you want to do a bit of sight seeing, you might be able to charm someone into taking you out to Nimbin:) for lunch & a few cookies. Apparently Nimbin is famous for it’s cookies.


I will be going to the meeting and taking notes and a few photos. I will stay off the booze tomorrow so hopefully my notes will make some sort of sense. If they are any good I will post them here.


Certainly would be a great opportunity for those in the area, and free too!! It’s a rare thing nowadays. Proof of passion, well done Mr Bush.
Hope you have a good beebee sitter looking after your little girls. :slight_smile:


Just letting you know the video is available here -


Michael Bush speaking in Byron Bay now! Watch the livestream https://www.periscope.tv/w/aP8dwTUzMDE5MTl8MURYeHl3WURvV2tHTYc5T05Jpe8ketEcNC-EOZLXl4JetUSQrENGcTcPIwOS

Posted by Flow Hive on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


this is says it ended 8hrs ago? Does that mean we can’t watch it?


Just hit the play button and it starts Valli


Mime didn’t - I put on my android and it doesn’t play either - I don’t have apple!


It worked for me, I am on a PC with Firefox browser


firefox always plays me up putting crud on my machine


It’s fine for me, I just pressed play - I’m using Chrome.
If you get “crud” try using an add blocker which you add to your browser :smile: