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Hi from New England (Australia)

Just a quick intro from Armidale NSW. Flow hive arrived in Dec and after returning from overseas last week the hive is all constructed and ready for a nuc this weekend.

Hive looks beautiful in Western Red Cedar (if I do say so myself), and the tung oil has really scrubbed up well.



It’s really brought out the grain.
I don’t know about a hive but Beethinking (head like a sieve…I think that’s the name of the manufacturer) can come and make me a kitchen.

Apologies if you already know this but take the super off till the colony is strong

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Well said Dee ! Kind of pretty but putting the cart ahead of the horse … Looking for quick failure even in any mode or type of set up.

Thanks - agreed on the quality of these hives, would love a new kitchen (or entire house) build by these guys.

Pic has the super on as the hive was a birthday present from my friends and family. Wanted to give them a picture of the hive all put together as once the elements got at it I figured the brood box would weather faster than the super when it was packed away. Super is now back in the shed awaiting its call-up.

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Mine arrived in Tamworth in January and I oiled it like you did. A four frame nuc when into the brood box yesterday and they are now busily discovering what’s on offer around our area.

Good to hear there’s someone nearby!

Has the smell of the oil been particularly strong? I’ve been reluctant to put bees in the box yet as there’s still quite a strong smell of the oil on the exterior of the hive.

Hopefully it is a nutty smell, not a solvent smell? If so, I bet the bees won’t care at all. A drop of lemongrass oil might help persuade them that this is a great new home! :smile:

The smell isn’t particularly strong, Sid, as I left the hive out to weather for a couple of weeks before putting the bees into the brood box. And, as Dawn_SD said, what smell there is isn’t unpleasant and the bees seem to be okay with it!

Hi Sid and congratulations on your hive, it looks fantastic. Mine is due any day now and I was wondering how much Tung Oil you used. It is pretty expensive and just didn’t want to get more than I needed. Cheers Paul

Hi Rocko,
I mistakenly used the Tung Oil product found at Bunnings (Feast Watson brand), which isn’t as natural a product as first thought, only a small percentage of Tung Oil is actually used in making it. I only used a minimal amount, but it had been thinned quite well. I’ve had to wait a couple of weeks to allow the smell to subside. In hindsight I’d either source some pure tung oil from somewhere, or just leave it as raw timber to weather naturally.

Good luck!

250 ml is enough for 2 coats on a full Flow hive. :wink:

Hi Tom

I have just received my flow hive and am located in Scone. Wondering where you sourced your Nuc from?

Thanks Amanda

Hi Amanda,

I got my bees from one of the members of the Tamworth branch of the NSW Apiarists Association. They held a field day last year at the DPI here and I met some of them there. Their details are on the web and if you give them a cal - Norm Maher is the secretary - he might be able to point you to someone closer to you than Tamworth!

Good luck!

Hi @sid.
I am located at Invergowrie, I purchased my hive in 2015, but have only just put bees in this month.

Haven’t really made any bee buddies but hope to get to one of Alan’s workshops in Armidale (as recommended by Tamworth beekeeping supplies).