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Just some Flow Hive Spirit fun and games


Name a song containing the words Flow, Hive, Honey or Bees in the lyrics.

Be my little Honey Bee by Blake Shelton
Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison


Honey Bee


Honey, Don’t - by Carl Perkins

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - by the Hollywood Flames



Honey Bee by Blake Shelton https://youtu.be/xZjosn2u1gA


Queen Bee by Johnny Lee Booker! :smiley:


Hi Martha, while in the States, we made a special trip to Tupelo, purely for the honey. We had no idea, prior to going there, that that was where Elvis was born.


OMG I got this song stuck in my head! :smiley:


You may regret having started this topic…

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp:


Hahaha :joy:


Hahahaha omg hahahaha :joy::no_mouth: Now I’m thinking of Flight of the Concords - wish they would do a bee song :heart_eyes::star_struck:


MORE! I love this! ROFL! :heart_eyes::joy::joy::joy:


I’m your King Bee by John Belushi


Ebb and Flow
By Robin Thicke


Buy Local HOney by the drone dancers!


:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: holy schniggit I haven’t seen that Belushi footage since it first aired!!! Lovin this, Martha!!


Hahahahahahahahaha I love those people!!!


Honey bee Life cycle rap


Hilaaaaarioussss!!! :joy::joy::joy: Another beekeeping goofball (the good kind :wink:)

PS Martha, Dawn & Faroe I ran the last drops of juice out of my battery watching your videos while I was stuck at O’Hare airport Friday into Saturday, WORTH IT!!! It was hard not to LOL too loudly…Thanks for making a bad situation fun :sweat_smile::+1:


American Honey


The Queen makes a noise when she’s emerging? WOW!