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Just some Flow Hive Spirit fun and games


Yes but the merits of subdivision honey are on the plus side. All my neighbors have planted clover and flowers to help bee have food. Frankly, Nashville subdivision honey can compete with the mountain honey. :smiley:


I’d love to change the world. Ten years after. Life is funny, sky is sunny, bees make honey. https://youtu.be/PP5XRxFgRlY


Unofficial world record swarm catch. ! Video is long but interesting. Screenshot_20180826-112925|690x388 https://youtu.be/CpXTK0E7Gco


No! It is “Ultra Local Honey” :stuck_out_tongue: That is what I told my customers last year. It all comes from within a couple of miles of where they live - they are all in my neighborhood. :smile:


I saw that Bubba and it was cool. Amazing they were able to shake the branch!


I love the ULTRA local part. Maybe I’ll use my zip code on the labels. :smiley:


People do that here only its called post code honey. At the markets last weekend I saw black honey, it looked like dirty sump oil! Tasted OK (Not as good as mine of course) quite a light flavour. If it wasn’t from a reputable supplier I wouldn’t have even tasted it. The difference suburb to suburb, season to season makes tasting before buying a necessity.


As the regulations require a contact name and address on the label, your zip code should be on there already. :blush:


I’ve not seen full addresses on honey in my state. A farm name yes but an address no.


Then Tennessee is full of scoff-laws! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I stumbled upon this bit of fun.



I found this little gem to share :smiley:


I was inspired by this song to try and stain my flow2 like an electric guitar. :joy::joy::joy::joy: while it turned out shabby sheik instead it was fun singing a bee song while doing it. So here’s my non look like

electric guitar hive


Love it Martha!! Very Nashville :jeans::guitar::musical_score:


I like that look. It looks great! :slight_smile:


clothing dye did the job. LOL!