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Learn how to listen to your bees with Hilary Kearney, Girl Next Door Honey (video)


Published on Oct 19, 2016
We had so much fun hanging out with beekeeper Hilary Kearney from Girl Next Door Honey in San Diego last summer. We love her beekeeping philosophy. “Well, I do think people need to know to listen to their bees….You really have this intuition when you’re beekeeping that you develop as you get further into it." Hilary Kearny


Thanks for a beautifully grounded video. Beekeepers all have individual relationships with their beekeeping and I loved how Hillary was able to make that point in such a positive, engaged way.

2016 was a difficult, turbulent year for me. I found my beekeeping really comforting and therapeutic during some really hard times. I’ve been traveling with my bees on my learning journey and it’s been a rewarding experience.


It’s nice to hear how much help they have been to you :slight_smile:
It’s the little things that can be the biggest things sometimes :slight_smile:


Morning Bro,

Since I don’t know your real name (no an issue I’ll call you Bro)… Yes, I’m with you on the therapeutics of beekeeping. I’m settling into semi-retirement too. My wife is very ill with muscular dystrophy n arthritis thus retirement is going to be my only option soon. Currently I have taken over the entire house keeping job n cooking. Not sure how my sweetheart managed that skill n balance all those years. Soon we will celebrate our 50th.

Seeing I need an out n something to help occupy my extra time n keep me positive I’ve taken up woodworking with a small shop n returned to beekeeping I found fun n interesting as a kid n teen. Yes, beekeeping is both hardwork at times but so mind soothing as well. Those busy little critters can just take your mind off mental low’s n let you move beyond.

Thankz for the share from Down Under. I enjoy your emputs Bro. Have a great weekend. Sending you a sunrise to another great day.

Cheers n Ta Ta,


Thanks for the kind words. The Zen came quite unexpectedly as I watched the bees but it has been most welcome. It’s been wonderful sharing the experience with others both locally and worldwide. As my bee name might indicate, I spent many rewarding years teaching. I find great joy in teaching and learning, they go hand in hand. Docendo discimus, the Romans called it and I like the not so famous physicist Frank Oppenheimer’s translation.

“The best way to learn is to teach.”

Frank was kind of overshadowed by his brother Robert but Frank was an awesome physicist and teacher in his own right. They both made substantial contributions to the science underpinning the Manhattan Project. That science is spectacularly elegant even though the terrifying outcome of the Manhattan Project has paved the road to Armageddon for the past seventy something years.

I’ve been learning to make Youtube videos and most of them are about my beekeeping. I always introduce myself as “Bob the Sciencemaster” so my real name isn’t any kind of a secret. Daddysnow on this thread, Newbies needing advice, asked me to do another video.

Here’s a link to it. I like to imagine I’m getting better at making videos. For this one, I put the iPad on a stand and used the front camera. This allowed me to actually see what I was videoing in real time. I had to chop out some of my best Dad jokes during the editing but I’m reasonably happy with the end result.