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Need to replace lost rectangle gate where key goes


Where can I purchase a replacement rectangular gate as I have lost one from where the key goes at the top of the flow hive.


If you got an original Flow Hive, you would have got a spare included.


Really? I didn’t and mine was original. Perhaps @Faroe can advise @SusanneAJ:blush:


Thank-you @Schnucki that is good to know.

When I received my flow super it was short a few gates both circular and rectangular.

When I advised ‘Flow’ I was sent what was missing but no extra.

I may be entitled to another as part of the original setup?


Thanks @Dawn_SD maybe one of my original missing gates ended up in another package as an inadvertent spare.


Yeah, they came in a clear ziplock plastic bag attached to one of the cardboard boxs, I believe the one that the key was in


Hi Susanne,

All you need to do is email customer support and we can arrange the replacements for you.
We just need your order number or the email address you used when you first ordered.

At the start, we did not send the extra honey trough caps or Key access cap. We started to do this later, to try and solve the issue of missing parts or lost parts.

If you did not get spares, we are happy to organise replacements if you have missing or lost pieces.


Thank-you so much, it is all sorted :slight_smile:


No problemo :slight_smile:
Glad it’s sorted :bee:


Just received the notification that it is in the post.
Thanks Flow team


Here and installed, wonderful service.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: