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New to bee Keeping in West Texas


HI I am Dougie and I am in West Texas, Iam new to bee keeping and I have just brought my first bee hive, I don’t have any bees yet, I still have to get a bee suit and hive tool and smoker, iam looking at getting my hives started in the spring of 2018, Iam trying to learn as much as I can at the moment and be ready to start in 2018, I still have to get frames for my hive but I am looking forward to getting started in 2018. I thought i would say hi and introduce myself.

Have a great day



Welcome, Dougie.

One of the best places to get bees (and often the cheapest) is from your local bee club. Google is pretty good at finding local beekeeping groups. Such clubs are also a good source of local mentors and hands-on training.

However, when you discuss your hive with others, I would not mention that it is a Flow hive - just say that you are using a Langstroth hive (8 or 10-frame). After all, Flow hives are Langstroth hives, they just use a different extraction method. :wink:


And a Jeep.:wink:


Welcome to the apiary. Texas Beekeepers Association is hosting a summer clinic at the University of Texas-Arlington in June. Hope to see you there. (http://texasbeekeepers.org/)


I won’t be able to get down to Arlington this year as I have family coming over from the U.K. I am forally from the U.K. I now live with my wife in West Texas. I have a 1995 jeep Cherokee it’s the best vehicle I have ever own.


Welcome and may I suggest if you don’t have a bee suit yet since it is hotter in Texas than here in Alabama where I am, I would consider just a jacket and veil. I have used my bee suit once, it is very hot and I prefer a cooler option. I have asked for the Flow jacket for my birthday. If it doesn’t materialize I will gift it to myself. You will also learn a lot from these fabulous Flow Hivers everyone here is great about answering questions and offering advice and its usually spot on… Welcome again :slight_smile:


Youtube is your friend, too… Vino Farms and Bobbees are two prolific flowhivers on YouTube and you can learn a lot from just their videos.